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Love the Love Story ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’

GnomeoAndJuliet.jpgThe latest rendering of Shakespeare’s classic love story “Romeo and Juliet” comes to animated life on the silver screen with impish gnomes as the central characters. KIDS FIRST! film critic Ny’Asia Bell (8 years old) shares her review of the movie now playing in your local theaters. (See her video on YouTube.)

Gnomeo & Juliet
Reviewed by Ny’Asia Bell

I really like this movie. It was cute, fun and action-packed. My family and I laughed a lot, and I loved all the music by Elton John, especially the song “Crocodile Rock.” We were dancing in our seats!
This is the kid’s version of the William Shakespeare classic love story “Romeo and Juliet,” but made for kids.  I think what makes this movie so cute is the majority of  the characters are garden gnomes that come to life when the humans aren’t looking.
I enjoyed all the characters. I thought they all did a great job, but I do have my favorites. Gnomeo, voiced by James McAvoy, was very adventurous and ready to accept any challenge. Juliet, voiced by Emily Blunt, was an attractive, brave, tough little cookie NyAsiaBell_forweb.jpgwhose father, Lord Redbrick voiced by Michael Caine,  is an over-protective father. He reminds me of my father! Finally, Nanette the frog, voiced by Ashley Jensen —  I think she brought a lot of humor to this movie. I particularly liked her red lips and long eyelashes.
I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars. I thought it was hilarious, and cute. I recommend this movie to kids 5 and up, because it does have a few violent scenes. So If you want to laugh and listen to good music at the same time,. you must see this one!
I want to give a special thanks to everyone at Studio Movie Grill in Holcomb Bridge (Atlanta area) for allowing my family and me to see this movie at their beautiful theater.

PHOTO: Ny’Asia Bell

See Ny’Asia’s video on YouTube.

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