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“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” Now Available on DVD/Blu-ray/Digital

Percy_Jackson_And_The_Sea_Of_Monsters.jpgBased on the hugely popular book series by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is the sequel to the 2010 film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) , the son of the Greek god Poseidon embarks on a journey with his friends to retrieve the Golden Fleece to save their training ground, Camp Half-Blood. They must travel to the Sea of Monsters, and find the challenges that may await them. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O comments, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is a fun and mythical adventure everyone would love!” Gerry had the opportunity to interview talent from the film as well as preview it. See his full review and his video interview below.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Reviewed by Gerry O.
Video review available here.
Cast interviews available here.

I loved the first Percy Jackson movie and when I heard I was reviewing the sequel I already knew that it would be an epic and thrilling adventure with a perfect mix of suspense and comedy! And I was right. “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is a fun and mythical adventure everyone will love!

I still did not expect so many surprises in this movie and greatly enjoyed it! The story continues as if it was a day or a week after the first movie which is a good perk as well. Something else that’s very cool is the fact that movie is super close to the actual book!

The adventure begins when Percy (Logan Lerman) is still at camp with his friends, Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) and Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario). Everything is more or less the same. There is a new girl whose name is Clarisse (Leven Rambin). She is the daughter of a human and the god of war. This girl beats the heck out of Percy and is very mean as well. One day there’s a bionic monster outside of the camp, thanks to one of the gods. There is a shield reflecting the bionic nightmare. When the shield is broken, they destroy the machine and Percy discovers that Luke, a villain that tried to over throw the gods, is alive! Annabeth discovers that the tree producing the shield is dying and appears to be poisoned. Annabeth, Percy and not a very happy Grover all go on a quest to receive an artifact that can bring anything dying back to life – The Golden Fleece! Do you believe they can restore the shield and save their camp? You will have to watch the movie to find out!

There is so much to love about this film and maybe only one or two things to dislike. It has comedy, action, adventure, mythical places and items and so much more! One thing I thought was particularly interesting is that Annabeth turns into a blonde in this movie. What is interesting is that in both books Annabeth is a blond, but in the first movie she’s not blond, but brunette! That is really the only thing that confused me. The director, Thor Freudenthal does a fantastic job and so does the cast.
I would have to say my favorite moment in this film is when the gang calls a “taxi” to get them to Florida. The gang is extremely scared of the three drivers wicked driving, and it turns out that the kids don’t have enough money to get to Florida! Uh oh!

I would have to recommend this film to ages 10 to 18. There is very little language or any adult material at all. It may be a little scary for younger ages though. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars because it was simply brilliant. You can find it in theaters near you on August 7th.

Reviewed by Gerry Orz, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

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