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Ice Cube Tones it Down in His Latest Cop Buddy Movie – Ride Along

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

“Ride Along” is the new PG-13-rated film produced by and featuring a toned down Ice Cube – the former gangsta rapper and Kevin Hart. It’s a buddy cop comedy with lots of gun fire, car chases, a few explosions and lots of funny one-liners. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Raven D. surprisingly enjoyed it. “It is the perfect mix of action and comedy, making it a movie that practically everyone will enjoy.” See her full review below.

Ride Along
Reviewed by Raven Devanney
Video review available here.

“Ride Along” is the new fast paced comedy starring Kevin Hart who plays Ben, a video game obsessed, school security guard who wants to make it big in the police academy. His cop friend James played (Ice Cube), is less than thrilled when he finds out that Ben plans on marrying his younger sister. In order for Ben to prove he has what it takes to provide for his fiancé, he has to go on a ride along with James. What is supposed to be a mundane day of handling small complaints and annoying police work turns into a high stakes situation when Ben and James come face to face with a menace that has been hunted by the law for years.

I really enjoyed this film. It is a perfect mix of action and comedy, making it a movie that practically everyone will like. The cinematography is great and the action sequences are captured very well. “Ride Along” is one of those movies that I and my friends will be quoting because it has so many hilarious comments and the comedy balances out the suspenseful situations as the film heats up. There are definitely several twists and turns in the plot which kept me on my feet while laughing the whole time.

My favorite scene is when Ben and James find the group of men they have been searching for in an old warehouse. Ben is told to just wait in the car, but when backup fails to be of assistance, it’s his turn to come to James’ aid. This scene is hilarious and also super suspenseful because Ben doesn’t have any real training on how to handle these situations. He has to use his wit to talk himself and his partner out of harm’s way. However, Ben is a loud mouth and he only ends up getting even deeper in trouble. Kevin Hart does a fabulous job in this scene and a very unexpected move on Ben’s part shows his bravery, which is neat to see. Another fun thing about this part in the film is when the warehouse shootout takes place Ben uses his knowledge from his love of video games to assist him in the fight which made for some very comedic moments.

My favorite character is definitely Ben. Kevin Hart is one of my favorite stand-up comics and his energy and sense of humor are perfect for the big screen. His character is hilarious and he pairs very well with Ice Cube. The two of them really embodied their parts and it really pays off. I love that you can see Ben’s character develop as the movie progresses. He goes from being very sure of himself, to almost accepting defeat, and then bounces right back again to be the hero. He has so many hilarious moments throughout the movie and really makes the film what it is.

I recommend this film for ages 13 to 18 because there is definitely quite a bit of realistic violence throughout the film, strong language and sexual situations. I give “Ride Along” 4 out of 5 stars.

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