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Houdini – Insightful with a Great Moral Message

Houdini.jpgThis DVD reveals the life story of Harry Houdini starting from his early childhood. It reveals some of Harry’s difficulties in pursuing his dream and how meeting the Great Tesla changed everything for him. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Ryan R. comments, “I can relate to him because we both have dreams and we both find ways to pursuit them. He had a lot of motivation.” See his full review below.


By KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Ryan R., age 11

I really enjoy this film. I liked this story because the plot of the movie shows how you can do anything when you put your mind to do it. I also like that it shows that, even though Harry isn’t great, he doesn’t give up. This film is an hour long and doesn’t feel rushed. I like that this movie has a nice message along with a nice plot.

The story of Houdini takes place in 1866. It is about a boy named Harry, who dreams of becoming a magician. He gets an opportunity to go to New York to win a contest. If he wins, he will get to perform in New York. The problem is he needs help and so, another magician helps him out.

Something I don’t like is that are no bonus features on the DVD. There are only chapters. I was surprised to find that out. The movie just begins with no introduction to the features. Other than that, I really loved it.

The message of this film is “to follow your dreams and never give up when the challenge gets hard.” I say that because Harry first had problems with performing magic. But, he always wanted to be a magician and he never gave up. He went to New York to practice so he could achieve his goals. And, if you want to know more, you should need to watch see this DVD.

My favorite character is Harry because he reminds me of myself. He reminds me of myself when I took a chance to do KIDS FIRST! I can relate to him because we both have dreams and we both find ways to pursuit them. He had a lot of motivation.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars and recommend this to kids ages 4 to 18. I think some adults may like this as well. I also recommend this to people who like action and adventure movies.

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