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KIDS FIRST! Daddying Film Festival June 13-20 Admission: Free! Select the Winners by Voting

Monday, June 13th, 2022

As you know, KIDS FIRST! Film Festival co-hosts film festival with a group of wonderful venues and organizations nation- and worldwide. Next up is an exciting, first time festival in partnership with the DADvocacy Consulting group– the first annual KIDS FIRST! Daddying Film Festival. This festival offers a celebration of films that honor a child’s relationship with their father or father figure.

Featured are a collection of student films from elementary through university students with the theme: “A Letter to My Father/Father Figure.” Additionally there is a collection of outstanding films from independent and foreign filmmakers. These short films illustrate how being a dad or father figure is not just who you are, it’s what you do.

Remember to Vote – Audience Voting Determine Our Final Winners!

This year’s festival will be entirely virtual, taking place online at: https://kidsfirstdaddyingff.eventive.org/welcome

All the films that have been accepted will be shown at the festival, but there will be a competition for the winners in five different categories: best elementary student film, best middle school student film, best high school student film, best university student film, best independent film. The finalists in each of those categories will be highlighted and the audience vote will determine the winners.

Announcing the 2022 KFDFF Award Finalists

Finalists in all five categories have been selected by a panel of professionals from the entertainment industry, arts and academia. The 36 films featured at the festival have been submitted by filmmakers from 17 countries including Iceland, India, Israel, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina and the United States.

The Finalists Are!

Elementary School (grades 1 through 4) student

  • My Dad Anthony Fleg by Shandíín E Fleg, age 7
  • Wicked Witch by Virginia Adams, 10

Middle School (grades 5 through 8) students

  • A Letter to My Dad by Brock Brenner, age 11
  • I Scream by Marino, 13, San Domenico School Film program
  • P.S. I Love You by Kaari Sholeen Tabor, 13
  • He Teaches Me by Bah’Hozhooni N. Fleg, 11
  • The Good Dad by Felice, 14, San Domenico School Film program

High School (grades 9 through 12) students

  • Hey Dad, It’s Me by Leela Malladi, age 18
  • Walk With Me by Yohan Hong, 17, and Joaquin Foster, 16, San Domenico School Film program
  • Delhi Days by Eshaan Mani, 16

College Undergraduate students

  • PATER et FILIO by Pablo De Estrada, age 28
  • My Father’s Son by Kyle Davison, 24

Independent/Non-Student Filmmakers (eligible for “Best Film” and “Best Short Film” Awards)

  • Red Balloon by Avi Federgreen, Canada
  • My Other Son (Mi Otro Hijo) by Gustavo Alonso, Argentina
  • Dad for Hire by Aaron Scully, Australia
  • Jack and the Treehouse by Jim Schneider, USA
  • Mara Poppa Superhero (My Father Superhero) by Darshan Ashwin Trivedi, India
  • How the Titanic Became My Lifeboat by Bjarney Ludviksdottir, Iceland
  • Rainbow Stories – Peter, Mark, James and Einstein by Adam Bailey, United Kingdom
  • Make It Count by Romeo Jennison, USA
  • Christmas Summer by Ignacio Borderes, Argentina

Tickets are Free!

Reserve your all festival pass here: https://kidsfirstdaddyingff.eventive.org/welcome

View complete list of selected films here: https://kidsfirstdaddyingff.eventive.org/films

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

The UH KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, presented by Outreach College, continues with FREE virtual screenings — plus coming up this weekend, live stream interview/Q&A sessions with filmmakers and crew. Programs focus on climate change and the environment, space and technology, social justice and tolerance, arts and culture…and just plain fun.

All films stream free of charge. Click on the “Reserve Tickets” button for an All Access Pass to the festival. To reserve tickets for thematic film blocks/individual films, go directly to the Virtual Festival Catalog. Be sure to check out our live streaming interviews and Q&A’s this weekend.
For free tickets to all live streams and virtual screenings, visit kidsfirsthawaii.eventive.org


Films available for viewing from Feb 16, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

You Do You No Matter Who – Part 1 • 9 films

With artistry and humor, short films about building bridges and finding common ground across differences. Positive messages: never give up, resist giving in to social pressures, celebrate who you are.



Films available for viewing from Feb 17, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

Music Moves • 2 films

Pops is Tops is a musical journey through the home and life of Louis Armstrong.

Quaranteened: A Virtual Musical, from The Theatre Bug in partnership with MA2LA, was written by teen writers, recorded from home, and produced remotely.



Films available for viewing from Feb 18, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

All Kine Kids • 9 films

Delightful tales of kids being kids everywhere — from the school room to the stage to the reindeer roundup — from the US, Canada, Belgium, Iran, and Mongolia.


MORE TO COME! The Festival continues through February 21 with streaming films & live stream events with film creatives.


For free tickets to all live streams and virtual screenings, visit kidsfirsthawaii.eventive.org

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Opening Weekend! Free University of Hawaii – KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

Friday, February 11th, 2022

The UH KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, presented by Outreach College, celebrates the  30th anniversary of the national KIDS FIRST! with over 100 FREE virtual screenings plus live stream interview/Q&A sessions with filmmakers and crew.

For free tickets to all live streams and virtual screenings, visit kidsfirsthawaii.eventive.org.



Films available for viewing from Feb 12, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

This episode features deaf actress Shaylee Mansfield in a “sign over” performance, one of the first in a kids’ animated series. The character is named and modeled after Mansfield and was animated by using a video reference of the actress performing for animators to model from. Mansfield’s character, Shaylee, uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate, expanding inclusivity and promoting awareness of ASL.

Live stream interview/Q&A: Feb 12, 12-12:30pm HST

Johanna Stein, Executive Producer and Showrunner
T.J. Sullivan, Supervising Director 
Justin Maurer, ASL Consultant
Delbert Whetter, ASL Consultant 
Jevon Whetter, ASL consultant   

Three hand-painted animated shorts: Blue Cooler, Hepa!, & Rolling Down Like Pele https://watch.eventive.org/kidsfirsthawaii/play/61f9b3ffc0bba10060505c6f

Live stream: A Conversation with Laura Margulies: Feb 12, 1-1:30pm HST

Laura Margulies has been creating hand-painted animated films and commissioned work for 30 years. Her work combines motion, color, texture, live action, rhythm, and sound to create award winning, expressive media. She often animates with paint in a stop motion style. Laura worked as a Designer and Color Artist at MTV animation on such shows as Beavis and Butthead, The Head and Daria. Her work has been shown worldwide. She is currently an Assistant Professor of animation at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in the Academy for Creative Media.

More Animation: Saturday, Feb 12, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

Toons for Tots to Tweens • 12 films

Adorable animated shorts from Spain, Singapore, Canada, the UK and US — including films by students.

Global Imagination Animation • 12 films

Award-winning animation from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada, Spain, Korea, Japan, the UK and US.



Films available for viewing from Feb 13, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

Age-appropriate groupings of films focusing on the positive impact kids have on their environment and in human relationships. Featuring the series Kids Who Save the World: plastic, saving energy, upcyling, climate change, and clean air; live-action and animated films about the ocean: sharks, whales, penguins, and living coral; kids tackling the challenges faced by today’s youth.

Kids to the Rescue • 11 films

Animation and live-action shorts for kids who care about our planet from Germany, Malta, Turkey, China, the UK and US.

Care to Change • 15 films

Empowering animation, live-action, and music video shorts highlighting the actions of kids to bring about positive change.

Enviro/Adventure Feature Film: The Sentries of the Delta

Adventures of children at an environmental camp in the Danube Delta Natural Reserve between Romania and the Ukraine.


Special Valentine’s Day Program: Monday, February 14

Films available for viewing from Feb 14, 12am – Feb 21, 11:45pm

Matters of the Heart • 10 films

A Valentine to silly, sweet, deep and unconditional love from Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, Iran, the UK and US.


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News-o-matic / KIDS FIRST! Film Festival – Last Day

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

As you know, KIDS FIRST! has been celebrating its 30th Anniversary this week, with a film festival co-hosted by News-O-Matic. Today is the last day to watch films at the co-hosted festival so, take a little bit of time to watch some phenomenal films by indie and student filmmakers worldwide. Go to https://newsomatic-kfff.eventive.org/welcome. It’s Free! It’s Fun! There’s shorts and features for kids of middle school age, plus younger and older. Just look at the tabs under each film to see what age group it’s recommended for.

The team at News-0-matic has selected over 60 films from indie and student filmmakers worldwide and their festival is completely sponsored so it is FREE for you to attend. Plus it is entirely Virtual, so you can watch from anywhere. You can reserve a ticket for any of the 5 Virtual Screenings we have scheduled this week with themes about Animals (Real and animated), Animation (Lots and lots of animation), Earth & Science, Foreign Insights, and Life and Family.  Each virtual screening block consists of a collection of short films that last for approximately 90 to 120 minutes. Each block premieres on a specific day this week, but you can then watch it anytime between that day and the last day of the festival, January 17, which is also the last day to vote. Remember to vote for your favorite so we can honor the filmmakers who have worked so hard to bring you entertaining, engaging and thoughtful content.

Please, think big and take time to check out the News-o-Matic / KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. I can almost guarantee you that some of these budding filmmakers will become tomorrow’s top filmmakers.


Your buddies at KIDS FIRST!

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KIDS FIRST!/IN THE LOOP Film Festival Free Pass to enjoy on our last day – September 26

Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Our 30th Anniversary Celebration wraps up this afternoon, September 26 with a fantastic group of films from the creatives of tomorrow. Celebrating Student Filmmakers features: THE DOG WHO BROUGHT HOME THE SUN, DEEP FEARS, DELIVERING SUNSHINE, INTERFACE, RABBITS UNDER THE SHED, RED JUNIOR AND THE WOLF, LILLY GOES TO THE DOGS, THINGS TO REMEMBER, THE IMPOSSIBLE WAY, LONELY WOODS, DEREK AND HIS BRICK and GROWING PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Following the screening is a panel discussion with the filmmakers moderated by KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Eshaan Mani. You can watch the films beginning at 5:00PM Eastern time online at https://watch.eventive.org/intheloopkfff/play/612ff49053d63e005b9ee85b and you can access the panel beginning at 6:15 PM Eastern time at https://watch.eventive.org/intheloopkfff/play/612ff49053d63e005b9ee85b/613b9c415568e700bc677e43

The cool thing is that since today is our last day, you can watch all of the films from the festival until 11:55 PM Eastern time tonight. So, grab a bowl of popcorn and log on to see some terrific indie and student films for youth and families.

Watch a film on us. Here’s a link you can use for a free pass for today: https://intheloopkfff.eventive.org/passes/buy/friends_of_kids_first

As a reminder, here are some of the films we have played throughout the festival: QUARANTEENED: THE MUSICAL – the story we can all relate to about life during the age of COVID-19 – from the experience of a talented group of teens. The film is documented through photos, chats, Zoom calls and lots of great music! Quaranteened was written by all teen writers and recorded entirely from home and produced remotely. The show features the intertwined stories of a group of teenagers trying to stay connected in a world asking them to isolate themselves. This is followed by a Q&A with the film’s creator, Cori Anne Laemmel. Watch it here: https://watch.eventive.org/intheloopkfff/play/61241c47bf831b009c178de3

Life as it Happens! A collection of films telling stories about relationships and dealing with set-backs, food insecurity, and fitting in. Films include GAMING & LIFE, ROOMMATES, COPYCATS, ROCKLAND RELAY, MILK, TURTLE, MY OTHER SON and A BOY’S JOURNEY: CROSSING THE ALENUIHAHA.

75 DEGREES WEST – a student feature film exploring the fall of civilization after a prolonged pandemic as two brothers wander through a post-pandemic world, trying to survive as they travel across the US countryside. They journey toward 75° West, surviving as best they can on what they can find as they try to avoid human dangers along the way.

Foreign Exchange. A collection of films from filmmakers worldwide indlucing RED, YUANYUAN, CORONA DEV, JAADOO (THEMAGIC), WALK WALK WALK: THE STORY OF STAND PROUD AND DRONYA’S ARTIFICES.

Race Relations in a Diversifying World. Films include BLACK LIVES MATTER, BREATHE, HUMAN RACE ISM, LAST WORDS, LOVE IS LOVE, THE TRUTH OF BEAUTY and JOE BUFFALO. This is followed by a moderated panel discussion with the film creators.

The Outsiders – kids trying to fit in in some way, shape or form. Films include CHARLIE SURFER, HOPE, GIVE CHANGE, THE MISSFITS, RAINSHADOW and INSIDE OUT.


Kids are Saving the World features films about kids and their take on global environmental issues – KIDS WHO SAVE THE WORLD: UPCYCLING, REAL WORLD, BLUE GOLD ANIJAM, MAGGIE MAE: AN ENVIRONMENTAL STORY, GREAT WHITE SHARKS, THE IMPOSSIBLE WAY and more!


Of course all of these films have been vetted by our youth and adult jurors so you are assured that they all meet or exceed our baseline criteria of no gratuitous violence, no bias in terms of race, gender or culture, no replicable unsafe behavior, no inappropriate sexual behavior – plus, they must have an uplifting message. And, we have identified the audience age for each film so you can select one appropriate for yourself or your child.

Watch tonight for free and if you like what you see, consider making a donation to KIDS FIRST! to support all that we do for youth and families. Here’s a link you can use for a free pass for today: https://intheloopkfff.eventive.org/passes/buy/friends_of_kids_first

View the entire line-up of films here:  https://intheloopkfff.eventive.org/films

We’ll see you at the movies – online!

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