Making life just a little more fun

December 11, 2007 

Two things I did for myself this year that have made a significant difference in my life. First, I got a TiVo 80 Hour Series2 DVR that has radically changed the way I watch TV. And the DVR cost me nothing, not even shipping. For just $12.95 a month, I run the TV schedule! Secondly, I bought a Scooba that washes my floors  . . . while I watch my TiVo scheduled shows! So if you want to make life easier and more fun. Get your TiVo from KIDS FIRST! before Dec. 31st and TiVo will contribute $25 to us, just for you placing the order! so click here for your TiVo and go to to get your floors cleaned while you relax! Happy Holidays.



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