Creature Discomforts campaigns to change the way people think about disabilities

flash_1.pngLeonard Cheshire Disability campaigns to change the way people think about, and respond to, disability. Since the campaign launched last November, thousands of people have expressed their desire to change their attitudes. The Creature Discomforts commercials were specially commissioned by Leonard Cheshire Disability from award-winning studio Aardman Animations.
Leonard Cheshire Disability supports over 21,000 disabled people in the UK and works in 52 countries. They campaign for change and provide innovative services that give disabled people the opportunity to live life their way.
Working Globally for Inclusive Development
Leonard Cheshire Disability works with over 250 independently managed disability organizations in 54 countries. The programs support people with disabilities and push disability up political and development agendas.
Leonard Cheshire Disability supports access to a good quality education that meets the needs of every child with disabilities
Economic independence for people with disabilities is a goal.
Health and rehabilitation
Programs build local capacity among both families and community service providers 
Support for everyday living
Mobility, transport, social activities, accessible accommodation, respite care and day services: all are included in the ongoing support programs.
Policy and campaigns
Campaigns promote the human rights of people with disabilities and push for disability to be higher on the international agenda 
Run jointly with UCL, the Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre provides an evidence base for our programs Share the commercials and messages with others!

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