Happy Feet 2, Game of your LIfe, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Arthur Christmas 3D, The Muppets

Tune into this weeks episode of KIDS FIRST! Coming attractions for some very special interviews including: Titus Makin Jr. from Game of your Life, Maxwell Cotton Perry and Madeline Carroll from the children’s comedy Mr. Poppin’s Penguin’s. we will be reviewing the Walmart and P&G film Game of your Life. Also, we will discuss the films Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Happy Feet 2, Arthur Christmas 3D and The Muppets. All new Film’s, all new perspective from your Host Raven Devanney and KIDSFIRST! Critics Jonah and Daniel Menegaz, Gabriella Chu, Anthony Aranda, Ny’asia Bella, and Makai Colvin.

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