The Hunger Games, Miss Minoes, Freaky Friday, Ninja Turtles and Fundertainment

KIDS FIRST! Coming attractions explores the cool company, Fundertainment which offers schools an alternative way of fund-raising – by selling DVDs. Hear all about it from founder, Brian Boquecosa. Then, learn about the new indie film, “Miss Minoes” coming out in June – and it’s not too late to include it in your local film festival. Just contact our office to learn how. Last, hear our youth critics discuss two classic family films that are playing on HDNet Movies kidScene all month – “Freaky Friday” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Catch all this and more with your host Blake Hawes and critics Julianne Noone, Ajay Sharma, Brianna Beaton and Camille Bajema.

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