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What Makes an All-Star?

What makes a film or DVD so good that it get KIDS FIRST!’s highest rating? All of the products we endorse receive a one-, two- or three-star rating. We call our three-star rating an All-Star. All-Star media contain assets that are deemed beneficial to a child such as educational benefits, positive role models or they help a child figure understand their world. All-Stars should also have examplary production values. Here is a list of typical assets we examine before awarding an All-Star rating:

  • Enhance a child’s self-esteem.
  • Help children learn better ways to get along with others.
  • Enhance a child’s reasoning and thinking skills.
  • Enhance a child’s career aspirations.
  • Add richness to a child’s life, teaching him about the arts, sciences or other cultures.
  • Make a child see a connection with her own life.
  • Stimulate a child’s curiosity and creativity.
  • Enable a child to visit other places or explore other cultures and lifestyles.

Check out our online list of All-Star rated media at http://www.kidsfirst.org/status/A.html
The next time you watch a movie or DVD you or your kids really love, you can use this criteria to determine whether or not it is truly an All-star!

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