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Film Evolution – New Types of Film By Gerry Orz

Hololens.jpgEveryone today wants to be more and more into films. First people were drawn to  video games where they could play characters from the film.  They feel like they are a part of it. Of course, that worked in a way, but really it doesn’t give them full satisfaction. Next was smell-vision, a 4D experience. These allow people to be in the same surroundings that the characters in the film are. Of course, that doesn’t work out to the max either. Next there is IMAX. These massive screens project  4K video with surround sound that truly help you blend in with the story and feel as if you are inside it. However, people haven’t stopped there. Now there are curved 3D/4K video games coming out that are based on films and even some films make cards that you sniff while watching for that smell-vision effect.

The technology people are trying. Now they are trying new tech. 360 cameras are what they’re called. They are mostly used by YouTubers right now. However, they are spreading to other places too. Already people have made horror films with these 360 cameras and they are truly amazing. You can move your mobile device around the room and, with the phone, the screen changes direction. You almost feel like you are moving with it! It really is mind boggling. However, it has an interesting and unpleasant side affect on people that suffer from motion sickness. Just imagine doing that for 90 minuets! If you are watching Speed Racer, it is three hours of that kind of stuff.

Well, a new technology is taking it even further up the chain. HoloLens, glasses made by Microsoft that project holograms show video that is watchable on the HoloLens and you can move around 720 degrees. Yes, up down, left right andHeadshot.GerrySM.jpg this will be REAL three dimensions, in which you can see the front, back and sides a your own will – almost like being on the set of “Inception”.

The question is “where will technology take us next?” To the point that we go to the movies and wear glasses and other devices that take us to virtual reality? Or, where we take pills and we LIVE in the film for a hour and a half? Movies are going through many changes now and it is just the beginning of Film Evolution.

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