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National Publications List KIDS FIRST! Top 100 List

If you voted in the KIDS FIRST! Top 100 survey last spring, your voice is getting heard. Over the next few months, look for mentions of your favorite flicks in numerous magazines across the nation as they highlight the KIDS FIRST! Top 100 list. These magazines reach a wide variety of readers. A partial list of the magazines to look for includes:

Grand Magazine, which will run the list in their September/October issue.

Parent Guide, which will run the list in its Sept/Oct. issue

Dominion Publications, which will run partial list in September issue and feature the full list online.

Moving Pictures, which will run the list in its Fourth Quarter Issue

Bare Essentials, which will run the list in a future issue.

Family Circle, which will feature the Top 100 in November or December.

New Jersey Family, which already ran mention of list.

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