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New Backyardigan Happenings From TV to CD to Tours

Monday, January 14, 2008 at 7p., Nickelodeon is set to premiere The Backyardigans in a new primetime TV movie titled, “Tale of the Mighty Knights” (60 min).In “Tale of the Mighty Knights,” royal knights Uniqua and Tyrone are ready to do mighty deeds in service to their King (Pablo). It seems like a pretty simple task until the King asks them to babysit an egg, which grows legs and runs away! A rock opera soundtrack moves the action along as the knights pursue their egg in Goblin Land and encounter a grabbing goblin (Austin), through Fairyland where they meet a tiny and mischievous fairy (Tasha), and finally to Dragon Mountain where they face a mighty baby dragon (Adam Pascal). Will the knights conquer their greatest challenge yet?The premiere of the TV movie will be followed by a new Backyardigans CD release from Nickelodeon/Sony BMG, titled “Born to Play,” on January 22.The third CD from the hit series features 22 new tracks, including six songs from “Tale of the Mighty Knights.” Joining the backyard gang in the studio are celebrity guest artists Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper and Adam Pascal. Alicia Keys lends her unique R&B vocals on “Almost Everything is Boinga.” Cyndi Lauper reminds us to think pink on the jazz-tinged “Lady in Pink,” and Adam Pascal powers the Zepellinesque rock-opera ballad “Not an Egg.”Also, “The Backyardigans Live! Tale of the Mighty Knights,” a 50-city live tour, in partnership with Live Nation, kicks off on March 28.

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