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Legally Blondes – An Interview With Becky and Milly Rosso

Calling all “Legally Blonde” fans, fans of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” or even fans of fun, family films that keep you laughing! Now is the time to enjoy the third film in the “Legally Blonde” franchise, entitled “Legally Blondes.” The beauty of this title is that it’s enjoyable enough to entertain teens and adults, but also appeals to younger children. The lack of no offensive content makes it a perfect full-family film.In “Legally Blondes,” when Elle Woods’ young, blonde cousins Annie and Izzy (Milly and Becky Rosso) moved from England to California, they thought their pink clothes, small dogs and street smarts would make them instantly fit in and feel at home. However, they find they are miles away from the uniform fashions and money-focused power structure of their new prep school. When the school’s reigning forces turn on the girls and try to frame them for a crime, Izzy and Annie must use their cleverness and charm to clear their names and show the school that in the classroom or the courtroom, they should never underestimate the power of blondes!Becky and Milly, the fabulous main characters in the film, not only have beautiful faces, but also beautiful personalities. They are great role models for young viewers. Here is their take on their acting careers:1. You have been thrown into the world of acting pretty suddenly. What is the most challenging part of acting that you have discovered?Becky – It takes me a while to practice and get into character.Milly – It’s hard for me to act confident on set when I’m feeling a bit insecure.2. How do you prepare for a film in comparison to filming for a television episode?Becky – You have to be ready to portray any part of a script at any sequence since filming is out of order. I loved the live audience on Fridays with Zac and Cody where there was great energy and you could feed off the audience energy.Milly – In television there is a short script, generally one day, so you don’t get as much character development.3. What was your reaction when you were first cast for Legally Blondes?Becky – The “Legally Blonde” movies are some of our favorite films and we are “so thrilled.”Millly – “We are honored to carry on the franchise.”4. What was the most enjoyable part of making the film for you?Becky – It was great playing a character I liked. The script was very funny and clever. Milly – It was fun going to all the different locations – Queen Mary and the mansion and Rodeo Drive.5. How did you grow personally and professionally during the filmmaking process?Becky – It helped make me more confident as I met challenges, and I became more educated on the filming process.Milly – It helped me become less shy around people of all ages. The difficult process helped me learn more about filming.6. What’s the best piece of advice can you offer to aspiring actors?Becky – Be prepared and be professional. Listen to the director and enjoy the experience. Milly – Don’t get discouraged. Set long term goals for yourself and don’t compare yourself to others.7. What new projects are you working on?Becky and Milly – A pilot of Disney channel which hopefully will become a series.8. Where would you like to see yourself ten years from now?Becky – Happy in whatever I do. Hopefully acting. Milly – I hope I’m an actor surrounded by friends and family.9. Is there anything you would like to add?Becky – “Legally Blondes” is a great film for a younger audience. It’s funny and sweet. Milly – We’re from England and so much appreciate the kindness of Americans.Look for this DVD in stores on April 28th!

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