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Young Writers Program in April

The Young Writers Program is a fun, free writing adventure for both teacher-led student groups and young solo scribes. On the YWP site at http://ywp.scriptfrenzy.org, these brave young writers will find all the resources they need for an unforgettable month of scriptwriting and creative exploration.The Young Writers Program website is completely separate from the Script Frenzy main site. YWP participants get to set their own page-count goals for April’s festival of scripts, and have the opportunity to make friends with other young writers around the world through our safe, private online message boards.The Script Frenzy Young Writers Program is broken into two phases. In March, they impart the basics of screenwriting and playwriting through weekly online lessons and exercises. It’s like an online scriptwriting boot camp (without the screaming drill sergeants): After only four weeks, participants will have written a three-minute play, movie, or TV show, learned about conflict and story arc, and become familiar with the arcane art of script formatting.Then on April 1, the Frenzy begins. Young writers will put their imaginations to the test by writing a script of their choosing in just 30 days. They can write with a partner or tackle the challenge by themselves. Either way, they’ll be encouraged throughout the month by the Young Writers Program staff and the group of scriptwriting experts who will stop by the site to offer their insights and advice in our Cameo section.At the end of the event, all participants will get a certificate for giving it a go. And those who reach their word-count goals will receive a special winner’s certificate and web icon. Not to mention the satisfaction of having spent an exhilarating month tackling an imagination-expanding, literacy-building creative challenge.Adult leaders will have access to a private Teachers Lounge on the site, where they can swap lesson plans and writing ideas. And all schools and libraries taking part will receive a free progress chart, and “Lights, Camera, Frenzy!” buttons.If you’re a kid or teen and would like to sign up, head on over to the Young Writers Program site!If you’re a parent, librarian, or teacher looking for something to get kids excited about reading and writing this spring, you’ve found it! In 2008, over 600 classrooms took part in the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program for our sister event, National Novel Writing Month. Kids and teens who had once seen writing as a detestable chore came away from the event with a newfound love of books and writing. They invite you to explore our Script Frenzy Young Writers Program site, and feel free to drop them a line with any questions!

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