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Free Willy 4 Arrives on DVD

Free Willy: Escape From Pirate’s Cove from Warner Home Video. It’s time to save an orca again, and this time it’s in a film starring Bindi Irwin and Beau Bridges. While the concept of saving the whale is similar to the other “Free Willy” films, you don’t ever find yourself bored. This might be because anyone following Irwin’s career knows that she’s truly passionate about animals, both on and off the screen. It adds a dimension of sincerity to the film.

It’s hard to believe it’s her first feature film debut since Irwin’s acting is so natural. In this engaging film, young Kirra joins her eccentric grandfather (Bridges) in South Africa at his rundown amusement park by the sea. An orca, which Kirra names “Willy,” gets stuck in their lagoon and can’t be freed until they find Willy’s pod. Things get tense when the wealthy amusement park owner down the road wants to buy Willy and their own funds get tight, making it difficult to feed the orca. It’s up to Kirra and her buddy Sifisu to find the pod and free Willy.

This DVD models respect for humans and respect for nature. It directly addresses why animals need to be in captivity sometimes, but if at all possible it’s best for them to be free.

KIDS FIRST! Child Juror Comments: It was a really good movie, and it was fun to watch because there were orcas and a penguin. The rivals treated each other poorly by calling each other names. Kirra and Sifisu become good friends and are nice to each other. They helped each other do different tasks throughout the movie like when the one kid helps Kirra free Willy.

I think my friends would like this because it’s a fun movie to watch. My favorite part was watching Englebert swim. It was live action, and it looked really good. The sound was really clear. Some people would like the music, but I didn’t. I loved when the guy was running away because they tried to poison then Willy came and bit him in the butt. The bad guy stood up and cut his back on the cannon and had to get stitches.

Look for Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirate’s Cove in a store near you.

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