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Greetings of the season to you.

SeasonsGreetings_RannyLevy_200x268.jpgThis is THAT time of year – when we try extra hard to get together with distant family and keep in touch with good friends, but often get blindsided by all the planning and shopping and get-it-to-the-post-office-in-time. To those of you who have it all in hand, I salute you. To those who are more like me, well, let’s take a deep breath together and remind ourselves why we’re making ourselves crazy: We want to make this an extra-special time.

One of the easier activities we can do is watch a show together. When we’re too tired for an active interactive (from Chutes & Ladders to Monopoly to Twister to Hide & Seek), we can share the laughs, tears and wonder of a well-presented feature film. We at KIDS FIRST! hope our age recommendations will help you choose the best programming for your family.

Bake something together to enjoy while watching; that can become a special holiday memory as well (my twin grandsons refer to the pumpkin bread they helped make in their first baking experience as “Grandma’s bread”). A few shakers of colored sprinkles and tubes of icing can release the budding artist in folks of all ages, whether or not you plan to leave out a plate of decorated cookies for Santa.

If your holiday comes up next week, a very Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanzaa to you and yours. And a belated Happy Chanukah to those who celebrated the beginning of this month. Happy Holidays to all.

Photo by Ranny Levy

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