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‘Happy Feet’ – Fun Viewing Choice for KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Search

HappyFeetBoxArt.jpgWith a year under his belt as a KIDS FIRST! youth film critic, nine-year-old Anthony Aranda brings his signature exuberance to his review of Happy Feet as he recommends the film for everyone from age three on up because “it can teach kids and adults how to be more accepting of people” and has “a lot of funny parts that the whole family will enjoy.”

The search is now on for the next lucky group of KIDS FIRST! youth film critics, and Happy Feet – released theatrically in  2006 and now available on DVD and Blu-ray to coincide with Warner Bros. Pictures’ theatrical release of Happy Feet 2 – is one of five titles for the 2012 KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Search. It’s easy to enter, and the eight lucky kids (ages 6-14) who win will get to experience the thrill of interviewing film talent on the red carpet and screening films for review before the general public sees them – all while learning critical literacy skills in evaluating the visual media that constantly surrounds us.

The earlier you enter, the more votes you’re likely to amass, so check it out now: 2012 KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Search.

Happy Feet
Reviewed by Anthony Aranda

I just finished watching an awesome movie called Happy Feet. This movie is really great because it is really interesting and shows how a penguin that is a little different from everyone else makes it through and proves to everyone that it is OK to be yourself.

The movie is about a penguin named Mumble who was born with happy feet. He is always bouncing up and down with his feet and dancing around. When he was just an egg, his dad dropped the egg, and that is why his father thinks he is always dancing. Mumble sets out on a journey to discover why all of the fish are missing and prove to his family that he is just another penguin like everyone else.

My favorite character in the movie is Mumble. I like Mumble because he is really funny and he never gives up. He is determined to find out who has taken all of the fish and he believes in himself. I also like Gloria because she is one of the only penguins who believe in Mumble besides Mumble’s mom. AnthonyAranda_190x250.jpg

I would recommend this movie for kids ages 3 to 18. The movie doesn’t have any inappropriate parts for younger viewers and it is a movie that can teach kids and adults how to be more accepting of people and not be mean just because someone is a little different. The movie also has a lot of funny parts that the whole family will enjoy. Happy Feet is an official movie title for the 2012 KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Search.

Photo: Happy Feet poster (top), Anthony Aranda (bottom)

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