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‘Prom’ Hits its Niche and the Home Entertainment Market

Prom.jpgSome movies are best suited to a niche audience, and KIDS FIRST! film critics find Disney’s Prom – about high school teens getting ready for that titular big occasion – one that will be best enjoyed by kids not quite into their high school years. Nine-year-old Makai Colvin singels out her favorite part (“I really like the music …”) and 13-year-old Raven Devanney shares why the music struck a chord with her, too (“… awesome because it really shows the emotions of the scenes.”). Prom is as much comedy as it is drama, and eight-year-old Anthony Aranda shares how his favorite character, Lloyd, plays to both genres (Lloyd uses rose petals to ask a girl to the prom, but puts them on the wrong car. “So he was kind of embarrassed.”).

With the film set for Blu-ray and DVD release on Aug. 30, here are Makai’s, Raven’s and Anthony’s full reviews, and be sure to catch them also on video.

Reviewed by Makai ColvinMakaiColvin_180x250.jpg
(and see her review on video)

I just saw the movie Prom starred by Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell. The movie Prom is about five different love stories. Some of them stay together, some of them grow apart, and some of them are together for the first time.

I really like the music except for some didn’t fit into the plot. I think it could have been a little bit more realistic.

I give this movie three out of five stars. I think the age limit for this movie is nine, maybe up to 15.

Reviewed by Raven DelanneyRavenDevanney_180x250.jpg
(and see her review on video)

Disney’s Prom is the story of average teenagers dealing with the challenges of preparing for their big prom night. This movie was entertaining although it’s not my favorite. I thought the cinematography was wonderful, and the soundtrack was awesome because it really shows the emotions of the scenes.

My favorite character is Lloyd because he can never find a date and the worst is always happening to his very creative ways of asking girls to the prom.

I give this movie four out of five stars. I also think it’s for ages 8-12 because younger kids will get bored by all the high school drama and I think older teens might get bored also by the storyline.

Reviewed by Anthony ArandaAnthonyAranda_190x250.jpg
(and see his review on video)

This movie was great. I liked it. My favorite character in the movie would have to be Lloyd because he couldn’t a date for prom and he was really funny. My favorite part in the movie is when Lloyd thought he was putting some flower petals on a girl’s car but he really put it on the principal’s car, and that said “prom.” So he was kind of embarrassed.

I would recommend this movie for [ages] 8-12 because this movie was great but not all 8- to 12-year-olds might like it.

Go out and see this movie when it premieres in theaters.

Due out this month on Blu-ray and DVD, Prom is also one of the films featured on the Aug. 30 episode of KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions hosted by Raven Devanney and fellow KIDS FIRST! film critic Sam Connan. Check it out here.

Photos (top to bottom): Prom poster, Makai Colvin, Raven Devanney and Anthony Aranda

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