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Whose Family Is It? ‘Truth Be Told’ World Premieres April16

TruthBeTold_1_forWebsite.jpgIf a lie isn’t made on purpose, it should be easy enough to clear up, right? Except that when there are a lot of people involved, each person has a different idea of when would be the best time to explain it away.

In Truth Be Told, the innocent mistake starts when a widower with two kids runs into a college friend at a museum event, and the event photographer assumes they are one happy family and poses them for his camera. The impression is picked up by a wealthy man whose position and money could be a beneficial force for, respectively, the woman’s career and the man’s nonprofit fundraising needs. There’s an undercurrent that “Bish,” the potential benefactor, has problems of his own, and the audience is pulled into watching for how Annie Morgan, the marriage and family counselor who would love to have a radio show of her own “to help people who can’t afford therapy,” and Mark Crane, who runs an after-school program to help kids in a tough neighborhood, are going to help him find the answers he needs. But in the meantime, it’s a sort-of comedy of errors as Annie, Mark, Mark’s middle-school-aged daughter Zoe and high-school-aged son Kenny have their attacks of conscience and determine to confess the charade — only to be thwarted by one of the others who, at that particular moment, feels there is something to be gained by stalling just a little longer.

Most of the story takes place at Bish’s ranch in Colorado. He had been impressed with Annie when he met her at that museum event and became interested in offering her the radio show. Family, it develops later, is very important to him, and the photographer’s mistake led to Bish inviting Annie and “her family” for a weekend at his ranch to get to know them. Real learning, however, can’t start until they can base it on honesty.

KIDS FIRST! film critic Raven Devanney (age 13) shares her review of the made-for-TV movie (and view it online): 

‘Truth Be Told’RavenDevanney.JPG
Review by Raven Devanney

Truth Be Told is a fantastic movie to watch with family or by yourself.

This film is great. There are lots of funny parts and also some serious situations when Annie, played by Candace Bure, and Mark, played by David Elliott, pretend to be married so they can qualify for a job offer.

The visual aspects of the film are awesome. However, in the climax of the movie, when Zoe runs away, the cinematography is very dark and the lighting is poor. It feels weird. 

My favorite character is Zoe because she is very believable and really sweet.

Another thing I really enjoy from this film is that the main characters are from Denver, Colorado, and since I’m from Colorado as well, it is really cool to be able to relate to them.

I think Truth Be Told is a great move for family night or for young teens to enjoy on their own. Truth be told, the movie is great!

The newest Walmart and Procter & Gamble family movie, Truth Be Told, stars Candace Cameron Bure (“Full House”), Ronny Cox (“Stargate SG-1”) and David James Elliot (The Stranger I Married). “American Idol” star Danny Gokey makes his acting debut, and provides some of the songs. There are good rock ‘n’ roll vibes throughout the film, and an appealing thread of romance for the young, old and older.

Truth Be Told world premieres on FOX on April 16 at 8/7c.

Watch the film’s stars talk about making a family movie.

View the trailer.

Photos: Annie Morgan and Mark Crane, with Alexander Bishop and wife looking on (top); KIDS FIRST! film critic Raven Devanney (bottom)

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