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Fractured Fairy Tale ‘The Princess Bride’ with New Features on Newly Released Blu-ray

PrincessBride.jpgA fairy tale with tongue firmly in cheek that adults can enjoy (and did; the film won the People’s Choice Award when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1987), PG-rated The Princess Bride has plenty of fun elements for young viewers, too. Pirate ships, magic, gore-free sword fights. Even some kissing, apologetically admits the kindly grandfather who narrates the fairy tale as a story within a story to entertain his convalescing grandson. Indeed, part of the charm of William Goldman’s screenplay is there are characters for all ages to relate to.

Newly released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on Blu-ray for its 25th anniversary, The Princess Bride is one of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Search Competition Official Titles.

The titular princess is Buttercup, who is in danger of being forced to marry the evil Prince Humperdinck. Westley, her one true love, , returns after a long absence to scale the cliffs of insanity, battle rodents of unusual size and face torture in the pit of despair in order to save her. From celebrated director Rob Reiner (The Bucket List) and Oscar®-winning screenwriter William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) The Princess Bride is “an enchanting fantasy” (Time) filled with adventure, romance and plenty of “good-hearted fun” (Roger Ebert).  Featuring a spectacular cast that includes Robin Wright (Forrest Gump), Cary Elwes (No Strings Attached), Mandy Patinkin (“Homeland”) and Billy Crystal (Tooth Fairy), this wonderful fairy tale about a Princess named Buttercup and her beloved is “a real dream of a movie” (People).

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has released this 25th-anniversary edition in Blu-ray only (earlier versions on DVD are available), loading it with several special features. Exclusive to this edition is an all-new, two-part featurette, “True Love: The Princess Bride Phenomenon,” which includes brand new interviews with director Reiner; cast members Elwes, Wright, Christopher Guest (For Your Consideration) and Chris Sarandon (Fright Night); as well as writer Goldman and executive producer Norman Lear.

The KIDS FIRST! adult juror who reviewed the film calls it “a jewel” and describes it further: The beautiful Buttercup and her “one true love,” Westley, part and lose touch for many years. When an evil prince arranges to marry Buttercup, Westley returns to battle warriors, giants and wizards to rescue his true love. Humorous, slightly fractured fairy tale with a princess who stands up for herself. Charming sets and period costumes, well acted and seamlessly edited. Employs extensive vocabulary and a variety of literary devices.

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