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‘Lincoln’ a Tall Accomplishment

Lincoln.jpgKIDS FIRST! youth film critic Anthony Aranda, age 10, makes a valuable observation when he says, “… the history is important to kids like me.” The movie Lincoln depicts the President during the Civil War, a pivotal time in United States history. “… it’s a really good movie to teach more about the Civil War,” Anthony says. He also feels the movie shows him this President, who has become almost a mythological figure in many depictions, as a “regular person.” Heavily researched, Lincoln‘s depiction of the man may provide a new perception amonth the older folks in the audience as well. Says KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Morgan Bertsch, age 8, “I thank Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks for making this fabulous movie.”

Reviewed by Anthony Aranda

Lincoln is pretty good but it was made for an older audience. I usually don’t watch too many movies that are this serious, but the history is important to kids like me. This movie is all about President Abraham Lincoln, and in the movie it’s the middle of the Civil War so Lincoln is trying to make peace between the North and the South. He creates the Thirteenth Amendment so there will be peace in the country.

The main characters in the movie are Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln’s wife and Lincoln’s son. My favorite character is, of course, Lincoln because he is a good guy but he needs to spend time with his family more. He is too distracted by the Thirteenth Amendment that he almost forgets about his family. He really loves his family, but he also really loves the citizens of the country.

My favorite part in the movie is when Lincoln’s son is riding in the White House with a goat and a carriage. Another funny part is when one of Lincoln’s advisors walks in looking for the President and sees his son sitting, reading the paper like a grown up. There were some scary parts during the movie when the soldiers were fighting and getting hurt. This was a sad part for me, also, to watch.

To me, the movie is more than just what we know from the history books. I think it shows me a little more about Abraham Lincoln as a regular person. And it’s a really good movie to teach more about slavery and the Civil War, which is a really important part of our history.

I would recommend this movie for ages 12 and up only because the movie was meant for an older audience and there is some pretty graphic stuff in there. But if you love history, this is a great movie for you. Go out and see this movie in theaters now.

Reviewed by Morgan Bertsch
(See her full review on video.)

I thank Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks for making this fabulous movie. Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field do a fantastic job on their characters, as Abraham Lincoln and Mrs. Lincoln. He was the 16th President, who really wanted to abolish slavery. They really studied on their characters. And you will learn about the voting process.

Also, they really studied their characters and they really took them very seriously, and really show a bunch of emotions with them. I think they do a great job.

This is actually a time piece with an amazing all-star cast. And also, the costumes are fantastic!

There’s a little bit of language and also parts of violence, but the history lesson is everything that everyone should learn. And also, the PG-13 rating is OK, but you will know that kids will really learn a lot from this movie.

I give it five twinkling stars.

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