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‘Nim’s Island’ a Charmer on HDNet Movies

NimsIsland.jpgAn adventure movie for families to enjoy together, Nim’s Island garnered glowing reviews for the charm of its story and appeal of its stars (Abigail Breslin in the title role co-starring with veterans Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler) when it was released in 2008. Breslin even earned a nomination for a Teen Choice Award. And then there’s the setting! In her review, below, 15-year-old KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Gabriella Chu describes it as “exotic and beautiful,” and says, “Watching the movie made me want to live there!”

Nim’s Island, screening March 4, 12 and 16, is one of the many classics brought to your home by HDNet Movies kidScene, a morning and Friday night programming block specifically for kids and families.

Nim’s Island
Reviewed by Gabriella Chu

(See her full review on video.)

Nim’s Island is an adventurous tale about a girl named Nim and her father who live on their own private island in the South Pacific. All goes well until Nim’s father sails away for two days to collect some protozoa for science research. A vicious storm causes him to become stranded in the middle of nowhere, so Nim learns to survive on the island all by herself. Will Nim and her father reunite?

The island where Nim lives is so exotic and beautiful. Watching the movie made me want to live there! In addition to the setting of the movie, there are many messages conveyed. The prime one is to have courage and determination in you. Although the ending of the movie is predictable, the journey the movie takes to get there is quite interesting, especially since the movie concludes with that message. Another thing that I liked about the movie is it contains a blend of genres; it has a bit of comedy, suspense, adventure and drama.GabriellaChu_3_1.jpg

I recommend this family movie to kids 6 and up. The enthusiasm and plot of this movie will most likely appeal to younger kids in this age group. Watch Nim’s Island this month on HDnet movies at kidScene!

Photos: Nim’s Island poster (top), Gabriella Chu (bottom)

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