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LEGO Batman Teaches Us The Importance Of Teamwork

legobatman.jpgWant a positive film that portrays teamwork and friendship for your superhero loving or LEGO loving child? Look no further. Just out on DVD and Blu-ray, “LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite” will not let you down. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O., age 11, says this DVD teaches us that “sometimes you can’t do things all by yourself, you need help” and that relationships aren’t always easy. To make this an even more exciting gift for your favorite LEGO kid, it comes with a Clark Kent/Superman LEGO mini-figure!

“LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite”

Reviewed by Gerry O.

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At first I thought this movie would be kind of like “The Avengers.” The movie turns out to be very different! All the Marvel superheroes and everything else are made out of LEGOS. It is more focused on Batman as a man and other heroes like Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, the Green Lantern and many others.

This move has a mix of comedy which I’ve noticed is in every LEGO movie. It has action, adventure, great actors and even a lifelong lesson – sometimes you can’t do things all by yourself, you need help. There are some pretty cool structures and machines. All these structures are built out of LEGO bricks so you can really build them yourself if you knew how!

The adventure begins when Bruce Wayne wins the “Man of the Year” award. If you don’t know who Bruce Wayne is, he is Batman undercover. Then the Joker commits a crime and Batman and Robin have to capture him once again. As they are trying to achieve their goal, Superman helps him. Batman gets annoyed with Superman but at the end they work together and call in all the superheroes to defeat the Joker

What I love about this funny, action-packed film is how it shows the relationship between Robin and Batman as somewhat difficult. This isn’t very good for a side-kick and a hero. Also, it shows all the heroes’ powers like Superman’s strength and Batman’s throwing skills. The best part for me is how everything is made out of LEGOS. And, as in most LEGO movies, there are cool animations, good action and great voiceover actors.

My favorite scene is when the bat cave gets destroyed. It’s action-packed and shows Joker’s funny side with his strange humor and his pie bombs. Superman helps them. But the Joker and his partner Lex, who is running for president and using Joker to win the election, gets away. Would you like to know how he was able to defeat Superman’s power? Get a copy of this wonderful film and find out!

I recommend this film for ages 3 and up. There’s no violence or harsh language in this movie. “LEGO Batman: the Movie – DC Superheroes Unite” is extremely kid-friendly. I give this movie 5 out 5 stars. You can find it on DVD everywhere now.

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