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“Planes” – A Visual Spectacle and a Wonderful Family Film!

Planes_1.jpgIf you thought “Cars” was brilliant, then you’ll be sure to love their latest animated adventure, “Planes!”  It’s an action-packed comedy featuring Dusty, a small plane with dreams of competing in an around-the-world race.  The only problem is that Dusty is a crop-duster who’s afraid of heights!  As you can imagine, this makes it very difficult for Dusty to achieve his dreams.  But, with the help of his best friends and a trained navy fighter plane named Skipper, Dusty finds new hope and inspiration.  KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Molly J, thought that “the visual effects in this film are spectacular” and at times it feels as if you are flying right alongside Dusty. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Brianna Hope B says, “It is a great film. It has hope, adventure and good humor.” Their full reviews follow.

Reviewed by Brianna Hope B.
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This film is too cute, funny and has great animation.
Dusty, (Dane Cook-Voice) is a basic crop-dusting plane with big dreams of competing in an aerial race. However he is afraid of heights, yes that’s right, heights! In order for him to even get up the nerve to compete and pursue his dreams; he needs the help of his mentor, Skipper, (Stacy Keach-Voice) and his friends.

“Planes” has a good story line and I really like it. It has hope, adventure and good humor with comedians Brad Garrett (Chug-Voice), Sinbad (Roper-Voice) and many more. All the voice actors do a great job portraying their characters. Of course, the 3D animation is spectacular with great detail and lots of lively colors. My favorite scene is when Skipper starts training Dusty and Chug and Dottie (Terri Hatcher-Voice) are talking too loud for Dusty to concentrate. Skipper yells at them to be quiet and they straighten up immediately, but keep talking. This is really funny. My favorite character is Roper, because he says and does the funniest things. He always seems to be rambling about something and is funny.

Writer, Jeffrey M. Howard, writes a comedic script that gives kids something to enjoy and feel good about. Another well known comedian voice cast who I enjoyed in this film is Cedric the Entertainer (Leadbottom-Voice).

As Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  I really like this and believe this message is demonstrated throughout the film.

I recommend this film for ages 7 to 13. Kids who love Disney animation films will love this one as it is similar to other Disney films. It’s also a great film for the family to see although older teens may not be too interested in it.

I give “Planes” 4 out of 5 stars because I would like to see more originality and uniqueness, but overall it is a great film and I really enjoy watching it. I know you will too. Reviewed by Brianna Hope B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Reviewed by Molly J
Video review available here

Well folks, Disney’s done it again! “Planes” is truly a heartfelt underdog story that tells the audience to believe in themselves.  There are always plenty of obstacles in life, but if you dig deep, you can find the courage to become whatever you dream of.  In Dusty’s case, he dreams of becoming the fastest air racer in the world!  His closest friend is Dottie, a forklift and ace mechanic.  Although she tells Dusty that he isn’t built to race and that chasing his dreams is downright dangerous, Dottie always has his back, no matter what he decides.  I love Dottie because she is such a loyal friend to Dusty.  She is strong, super smart and practical.  When anyone messes with her friend, she lets them have it!

Skipper is also very protective of Dusty.  He was an ace flier in WWII and chooses to be alone and quiet until Dusty talks him into training him for the race.  He wants to train Dusty hard so that he races well and stays safe.  Skipper finds that he can learn a few things from Dusty, too.

The visual effects in the film are spectacular and, being 3D, there are plenty of scenes where the audience feels as if they are flying along with Dusty!  The race takes us to amazing places like India, Europe and Mexico.  The music is great too, combining old favorites with lots of new songs.  Since the racers come from countries all over the world, the music is based on the background of the characters, which includes Italian, Mexican and British music, plus many more types.

It’s no surprise that the director of Planes, Klay Hall, is an airplane enthusiast.  He started drawing airplanes at an early age and his father and grandfather were both pilots.  The executive producer of “Planes,” John Lasseter, is a two-time Academy Award-winning director.  He directed huge hits like “Toy Story,” “A Bug’s Life,” “Cars” and “Cars 2.”   The voice-over cast includes such big names as Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Teri Hatcher, Sinbad, Val Kilmer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

My favorite scene in the film is when El Chupacabra (El Chu), the legendary Mexican racer, sings to a female racer, Rochelle.  El Chu is trying desperately to win her affection but, keeps failing in hilarious ways.

I give “Planes” five out of five stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, although it’s fun for whole families to watch together, like mine did!  It comes to theaters Friday, August 9th, so be sure to check it out!

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