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Heaven is For Real – A Loving Story about a Community that Experiences Something Extraordinary

This is a wonderful, feel-good movie that will bring tears to your eyes. Based on a real story and a #1 New York Times best-selling book by the same name, it brings to the screen the true story of a small-town preacher and father who has to look deep inside himself to deal with his son’s experience of seeing heaven after a near death experience. Great cast, especially the young boy played by Connor Corum. The pace is a bit mundane but the story is exhilarating.

Heaven Is For Real is a loving story about a community that experiences something extraordinary,” comments KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O, age 12. See Gerry’s full review below.

Heaven Is For Real
Reviewed by Gerry O. age 12
Video review available here.

I thought this film would be about a 9-year-old kid dreaming about heaven and speaking about it across the country. Boy was I wrong! Heaven Is For Real is a fantastic movie that people of all religions and walks of life will appreciate! It gives us hope.

This film has a lot to offer; more than people think. Heaven Is For Real has action, adventure, family, comedy, religion and drama.

The film starts with a look into a day of a Reverend. He has a wife, a 4-year-old son and a daughter. Soon however, the 4-year-old son gets very sick. However, while he is in surgery, the little boy has an out-of-body experience which he later shares with his Dad. What happens next is truly remarkable and unexplainable by all laws of science. If you would like to see it for yourself – you have to watch the film.

My favorite scene is right before the little boy gets sick. The family takes a vacation to Denver. On the way, they sing different songs. Then the boy asks, “Can we sing ‘We Will Rock You?'” Everyone looks at each other for a second and then they all sing out of tune, “We Will Rock You.” It’s funny and lighthearted.

This film may seem like its all about God and heaven, but really, it’s not. Heaven Is For Real is a loving story about a community that experiences something extraordinary. I think the fact that they made a movie based on the real story is fantastic! It also benefits the film that the actors are so in touch with their roles and the camera shots are one of a kind and perfect for the scenes.

This film has a bit of mature content so I give it an age rating of 9 to 18. Also this film deserves 5 out of 5 stars. Heaven is for Real is in theaters now.

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