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Noah – Epic Filmmaking That Will Test You

Noah is based on the Biblical story and greatly influenced by the graphic novel “Noah: For the Cruelty of Men.” This film has been greatly criticized for its deviation from the Biblical story. It’s good to remember that it’s not a documentary. It is a Hollywood film and, as such, a great piece of filmmaking. Enjoy it for what it is not for what it isn’t. Noah is the story about a man who is chosen by the Creator to undertake a momentous mission to rescue the innocent before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the wicked from the world. “This is an unexpected, thought provoking film, based loosely on the biblical story, and I was pleasantly surprised,” comments KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Keefer B, age 13. See his full review below.


Reviewed by Keefer B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Video review available here.

This is an unexpected, thought provoking film, based loosely on the biblical story, and I was pleasantly surprised. The world was created and mankind was born. Soon humans became wicked and made the world black. The Creator tells Noah (Russel Crowe) that Earth will be cleansed through a flood. Noah and his family build an ark to save the innocent. The journey begins as Noah wrestles with what the creator is asking of him.

This is not a family film, nor is it a film based entirely on the Biblical story. It is a movie. The word God is not used. Instead, the word Creator is used which opens the film to audiences of any belief. The story shows the joy of a second chance but gives a gruesome look at the world. The film follows Noah and his incredible journey. Noah witnesses the barbaric nature of the people and it’s hard to watch, however necessary. It makes Noah question if mankind should live at all and how far he’ll go to fulfill his task.

The actors portray their roles marvelously. The women cast members are particularly outstanding. Emma Watson ( Lla) and Jennifer Connelly (Naameh) are both fantastic. Connelly simply blows you away showing the strong partnership she has with Noah and the struggle that results from it.

The cinematography is grand. The locations are unlike anything of this world from the flourishing mountains to the desolate black-paved land. The ark is beyond compare in its massive size. I only wanted them to show us more of the vessel.

My favorite character is Noah. Playing a figure of faith is no small feat. Crowe shows the drive and love for the Creator but also the obsession and confusion of his task. This is what makes him human and an interesting character.

My favorite scene is when one of the fallen angels, known as The Watchers, tells Noah the tale of how they were cursed. I enjoyed the interesting designs of these characters and their tragic story. It made me empathetic with them.

The main message is, “Higher power is a guide, but it’s your personal choice that makes the final decision.” Noah is told, through a dream, that the world will be cleansed. Noah is the one who figures out to build the ark. The Creator doesn’t give clear instructions and, in the end, you’re still left wondering what the higher power really wants.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to 14 to 18-year-olds. This film has violence, disturbing images and brief language. This film took a risk that I highly respect. It sends a Biblical message but is executed differently.

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