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There Came an Echo – Revolutionizing the Game Industry

There Came An Echo (Video Game)
Reviewed by Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Critic, age 12

This video game is truly revolutionizing the way you play a game. Instead of typing on a keyboard you say your command. There Came An Echo is the start of a voice command video game era.

The game is about four soldiers. Corrin is a genius and creates one of the most advanced program locks in the world. However he doesn’t know that someone could use it since it is designed for a quantum computer. Miranda is a bounty hunter type of soldier. She does what she can for money. Syll is a master hacker. Grace is a young, intelligent girl who is a rebel at everything she can be at. And then, there is Sam. You lead them and tell them where to go (literally tell them!), where to be and when to fire.

This game has very cool technology and it even works with accents! You can also customize the names of the characters and even the commands. At the moment, in version 1.0.3, you can play a firefight type of map where you battle wave after wave or play the exciting story. I love the fact you can play the entire game without touching your keyboard. However, I learned quickly that my soldiers don’t like when I scream at them and it is best to talk in your normal voice. I also strongly recommend using a headset. There are minor little glitches here and there like in any new game, but overall – what a great experience!

My favorite feature is to be able to change their names and the commands. I can change Miranda to be Yo-Yo if I wish, and also I can change the commands, so instead of “charge” I can say “race!” This lets you have a whole new varity of fun.

This game is rated “T” but has some strong language and, of course – it is a shooter game. So, I give it an age rating of 10 to 18. I also give it 5 out of 5 stars for wonderful ideas and wonderful technology and for revolutionizing the game industry.

Way to go Iridium Studios – I’m sure we will see many more wonderful things from you and your wonderful founder Jason Wishnov. For more info go to Iridium Studios.

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