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Free Family Film Series This Summer in Santa Fe at the Violet Crown

free_family_film_series.jpgThe Violet Crown Cinema in Santa Fe has brought back their Free Family Film Series this summer. A new film screens each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. throughout June, July and August. It is Free to attend. Tickets are available at the cinema on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached. The titles playing through June include: A Little Princess: June 14 & 16; Explorers: June 21 & 23; The Sandlot: June 28 & 30.  This is a great chance to be able to see these films on the big screen! When did you do that last? KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Bison B. comments, “These are all great movies for the whole family to enjoy.  Each one has very unique stories and experiences which make it very difficult to pick a favorite.  I truly loved each one.” His full review is below.

Violet Crown’s Free Family Movie Series
By Bison Branch, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 11

The Violet Crown theater is showing ten classic movies for families throughout June, July and August. The five that I’ve seen are Explorers, The Sandlot, A Little Princess, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Wizard of Oz.  These are all great movies for the whole family to enjoy.  Each one has very unique stories and experiences which make it very difficult to pick a favorite.  I truly loved each one.

This week’s feature is A Little Princess.  I have to say this movie definitely surprised me. It was shot in 1995.  Although it is not my exactly type of movie, I found myself totally into it.  This film is about a girl who is sent to a very strict boarding Exploreres.jpgschool while her dad fights in World War I. Moving from a beautiful place in India to New York City, she faces many challenges while sharing a kind heart.

Next up is Explorers which was shot in 1985.  When I watched Explorers, I found myself mesmerized by not only the story line, but the creativity throughout the film.  Ethan Hawke plays Ben Crandall and gives a stunning performance. He truly becomes his character.  This film is of the sci-fi / adventure genre. Explorers is based on three middle school boys who dream of alien life in the universe and meeting those alien life forms.  It is definitely one of my favorites.

The following week is the classic summer film, The Sandlot. I really liked The Sandlot. It was shot in 1993 and is about a group of kids who love to play baseball.  One day they decide to play with a friend’s father’s ball signed by Babe Ruth.  That is where the story begins. This film is great for everybody who likes to get a good laugh, but wants to see  growth in the character’ personality.

One films that has already played are Fantastic Mr. Fox which says it all in the title. It’s simply fantastic!  This is an animated film created in 2009 that is about a family of foxes that are in an all out war with farmers.  I loved this adventure Sandlot.jpr_1.jpgcomedy. There is not one boring part of the film.

The other film that kicked off this series is The Wizard of Oz, made in 1939.  It is one of the first movies in color and is a musical.  The Wizard of Oz is about a girl

(Judy Garland) who gets trapped in her house during a tornado and is teleported to Oz, a beautiful land full of witches and munchkins.  In order to return home, she must go on a quest to have an audience with the powerful wizard of Oz. Along the way, she meets friends that teach her important lessons.

Even if you have seen these films before, I highly recommend sharing them with your family at the Violet Crown. As we grow up, we find new meaning and have more in common with different experiences and characters. And, what a great opportunity to watch these classic films on the big screen! How often does that happen. to find out what other films will be playing in July and August visit http://santafe.violetcrown.com/movies

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