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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Musical On Tour!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast features the animated film’s Academy Award®-winning score with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by the late Howard Ashman, with additional songs with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Tim Rice. The book is written by Linda Woolverton.

The original creators of the Broadway production are together again for this new touring production!  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped in a spell placed by an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed to his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Tre’ana H. comments, “Beauty And The Beast is a phenomenal musical based on the original classic story. It draws you in and makes you a part of the scene.” See her full review below.


For a full tour schedule, sheck out http://www.beautyandthebeastontour.com.


Beauty and The Beast, The Musical

By Tre’ana H., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Beauty And The Beast is a phenomenal musical based on the original classic story. It draws you in and makes you a part of the scene. I enjoyed this because it is filled with drama, thrills, romance and some action. The rose is symbolic with its blue, gloomy background and the transformation is great. Will the rose be back with love or sadness?  This musical touched my heart because of its message – you should treat people the way you want to be treated. The director, Rob Roth takes you through turns and twists but the outcome is grand. I appreciated this musical because it is hilarious and interesting.


The beast (Sam Hartley) is a prince who is spoiled, selfish and lonely. When the spell is cast upon him he becomes a mean man. Belle’s father goes into the forest trying to attend the inventor’s competition and gets lost in the forest. The wolves try to eat him but he stumbles upon a castle where the servants let him in. The beast are very cruel to Belle’s father and put him in the dungeon. Belle (Brooke Quintana) tracks down her father to the horrible beast castle and he agrees to let her father go if she will take his place as a hostage. What an amazing thing to do? Will he kill her or let her survive?


The beast costume is gothic and eerie.  The townspeople and servant costumes are illuminating with bright colors that captivate you. The lighting design by Natasha Katz excels in every scene. The set designs by Stanley A. Meyer are mysterious, colorful and gloomy. The music by Kevin Francis Finn is truly breathtaking.


The message of the musical is to treat people fairly and, if you can help someone, extend that extra hand and you will be blessed.


My favorite scene is when the beast turns into a human and floats above the stage and transforms into a young man. This is fantastic! You will not believe it!


I recommend this play for ages 8 to 18 and I give it 5 out of 5 Stars because it is full of excitement. I really enjoyed it and you will too, so put this astonishing musical on your todo list.  You will not be disappointed.


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