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Wishing you the best for 2020!

As the final hours of this year wind down and I reflect on the experiences of the year, gratitude fills my heart and soul. Remembering the precious time spent with family and friends, feeling the loss of precious ones who slipped into the beyond, thankful for the successes of KIDS FIRST! and for good health. This year started with a remarkable retreat in Charleston and ended with a holiday retreat on Florida’s gulf coast with friends and family.

So many wonderful experiences flood my memory as I sit in quiet meditation this morning, from visiting friends and family in Budapest, spending time with friends and neighbors around the pool, at the beach and around the dining table in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere. One of our big deals for KIDS FIRST! this year was finding a producer for our KIDS FIRST! TV show, which we hope to be sharing with you soon, and coaching our beautiful team of KIDS FIRST! reporters and helping them reach their own personal goals. We have several reporters graduating in the spring and have been busy writing letters of support for their college applications. Oh my, I remember them as mere pipsqueaks when they first started with us. How time flies and how beautifully they have matured.

I feel renewed and excited about jumping into 2020, filled with anticipation for a remarkable year. To all our followers, I send you wishes for a new year filled with love and peace and joy. Know that we always appreciate your love and support. We love to hear from you so, keep that up. Don’t be shy.

Hugs and love.
See you at the movies!
Ranny and Everyone at KIDS FIRST!

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