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Ray Nutt, CEO, Fathom Events – A Leader That Brings Us H.O.P.E.

From everyone at KIDS FIRST! we want to send you our love and support. These are challenging times as we deal with the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to know that our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics have continued doing what they do best, which is reviewing films and interviewing the talent behind them. Of course, there are no live event during this time, so we are reviewing films via online screeners and interviewing via Zoom. We’ve also added a webinar component to many of our interviews, adding a Q&A from our audience after the original interview. It’s been sort of cool to do that and more kids get to participate. This is a reminder that if you want to join our team, visit our website (www.kidsfirst.org) and click on the banner “Join Us.”

Today, we have an amazing conversation to share with you with the uber talented CEO of Fathom Events, Ray Nutt.  The eloquent Nathalia J. interviews Mr. Nutt and is joined by Katherine S., Tiana S. and Joshitha B. for the Q&A.

How familiar are you with Fathom Events?  It is one of the largest distributors of content to movie theaters in North America. Ray Nutt brings more than three decades of experience in the entertainment business as former SVP at Regal Entertainment Group, former EVP at United Artists Entertainment and more.  Jump on in and enjoy this interview and webinar. Find out how cinemas are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, when and how they will re-open and what you might expect. And learn how Mr. Nutt has developed the H.O.P.E. campaign for Fathom Events to guide his team and customers through this challenging time.

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