How would you like to have your own personal 300 year old dragon as a best friend?


Meet Jane and Dragon.

Jane is a medieval middleclass girl being raised as a Lady-in-Waiting, but she’s got much bigger plans for her future! Training to become a Knight is what she’s all about – good thing she’s got a 300 year-old fire-breathing dragon as a best friend. 

In the episode selected by the Children’s Museum of Houston and the Women’s Museum in Dallas, Dragon is feeling sick, very sick with a pig disease: curly tail. It is curable but the antidote is a difficult quest away. Jane volunteers for the quest and Theodore assigns Gunther to quest with her. Meanwhile, Dragon is proving to be a very difficult patient.  Also here’s your chance to get the inside scoop on all things Jane. Martin Baynton, creator of “Jane and the Dragon,” answers YOUR questions!    

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