KIDS FIRST! congratulates Nansi and Frank Michels and The Controller

controller_smallest.jpgThe Controller, a KIDS FIRST! Film Festival selection and winner, is playing on Starz Kids & Family. Set your reminder for Monday, April 20th at 9:45 am and 4:50 pm or Tuesday, June 9th at 4:50pm.

This fun, madcap action film is about a billionaire, who is stuck in his “perfect” world, until his wife is abducted. He is forced to join with teen video gamers and has only eight hours to win, or else! Starring: Bob Rue, Tank Jones, Lolita Sahwany , John Dobradenka, Vince Reign, Jeff Niemoeller, Jimmy Flowers, Carin Sprague. Directed by Frank Michels.

Santa Fe Film Reps represented The Controller in their contract agreements with Starz and Moving Pictures Film & Television LLC.

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