Making Puppets in your classroom and “What’s not to like about a cute Louisiana marsh creature named Labou?”

LabouA couple of years ago, KIDS FIRST! received an incredible movie called “Labou.” What’s not to like about pirate treasure, ghosts and a cute Louisiana marsh creature named Labou and that is what our audience thought. 


Our good friends from “Labou” have created a Workshop entitled “Hollywood and the Art of Puppetry”.  While not all of us can have Greg and Sheri come to our schools, the complete puppet making video and puppet making kit are available FREE at 



The workshop is now downloadable for free from under “Free Stuff”.  It has a video that teaches kids about the history of puppets in Hollywood, and the accompanying puppet cut-out sheets.  The kids love it!

We have completed over 50 of these workshops to much critical success with several non-profit organizations including Easter Seals as well as local schools, museums and libraries across the nation. 

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