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HDNet Movies Brings ‘Babe’ and ‘Yellow Dog’ to Steal Your Heart

Babe.jpgWhen HDNet Movie’s kidScene plays the 1995 movie Babe (airing Aug. 19), it’s not only a chance to root for the most appealing piglet since A. A. Milne created Winnie the Pooh’s sidekick but a chance to be awed by the exceptional feat of Babe’s trainer, Karl Lewis Miller. As KF Film Critic Gabriella Chu (age 14) expresses in her review, it’s hard to tell where the animatronics leaves off and carefully orchestrated live action comes in. And Gabriella finds more great animal acting in Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (premieres Aug. 1).

Reviewed by Gabriella Chu
(and see her review on video)

Babe is a marvelous family classic! The movie tells the story of an innocent piglet who befriends animals on a farm and becomes especially close to a sheepdog named Fly. With Fly’s help and all of the animals on the farm, Babe enters a sheepherding competition. Will Babe win the competition even though he is just a piglet? Watch the movie for yourself!GabriellaChu_3_1.jpg

I liked this movie a lot because all of the animals are great actors and have personalities similar to people. At times I wondered if the animals were just extremely well-trained or if the use of animatronics was this effective. The dubbing was also wonderful. The format the movie uses to tell the story is like a children’s storybook, with each chapter telling an interesting story with a moral. The movie is also well directed. I especially liked the scene where Babe is trying to steal the farmer’s alarm clock, because director Chris Noonan used suspenseful music to make the audience feel the anticipation more.

I recommend this movie to children ages 4 and up because very little kids will still be able to enjoy it. Babe delivers a positive message that you can do anything despite your appearance.

Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog
Reviewed by Gabriella Chu
(and see her review on video)YellowDog.jpg

Are you a dog lover and into adventure? Then
Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog is the movie for you! This movie tells the story of a young boy named Angus who adopts a stray dog and names him Yellow. Angus, his father, and Yellow set sail one day, but a huge storm causes their boat to topple. Rescue teams are only able to find Angus’ father. Stranded on an island far from civilization, Angus’s and Yellow’s survival skills are put to the test. Will they get rescued? Watch this movie to find out!

I liked this movie because it is a heartwarming tale. The movie builds anticipation in the rescue team’s pursuit to find Angus and Yellow. I was especially impressed with Yellow’s acting! His facial expressions and actions resemble that of a person’s.

I recommend this film for children ages 7 and up. Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog is an uplifting journey and is a splendid family film.

Both films are among the many classics brought to your home by HDnet Movies on kidScene, a morning and Friday night programming block specifically for kids and families.

Photos: Babe (top), Gabriella Chu (middle), Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (bottom)

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