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‘Mars Needs Moms’ Now Available in Your World

MarsNeedsMoms3D.jpg“This movie is out of this world literally, because it takes place on Mars,” says KIDS FIRST! film critic Ny’Asia Bell (eight years old), talking about what happens after the hero’s mom is “Martian-napped” away from him. With its theatrical run only a few months ago, the Disney movie hits shelves (and online catalogs) on Aug. 9 in DVD and Blu-ray formats – standard and 3-D – enabling you to follow the earnest recommendation of KF film critic Anthony Aranda (in his full review below). The animated film’s action and storyline earned it high marks from Ny’Asia and an “awesome” from Anthony, who adds the insightful observation that different ages may enjoy the film on different levels. For instance, he says, “I am 8 and I found the movie to be a little scary because it made me think about how sad I would be if I lost my own mother.”

Mars Needs Moms
Reviewed by Ny’Asia Bell
(and see her review on video)

This movie is out of this world literally, because it takes place on Mars, AKA The Red Planet. The movie is about a little boy named Milo, voiced by Seth Dusky, who says some pretty mean things to his mom. Before he has a chance to apologize, she is Martian-napped and taken to Mars. He has 6.93 earth hours until sun rise to save her. Does he make it in time?!
My favorite part is when Gribble, voiced NyAsiaBell_forweb.jpgby Dan Fogler, saves Milo’s mom with the helmet that was meant for his mom. I thought that was very thoughtful.
My favorite characters are Gribble, because he’s just simply Gribbletastic; Ki, because she helps Milo, and she does something that no other Martian has ever done — she stands up to the supervisor, head of all Martians; and Milo, because he realizes that he needs his mom and is determined to do whatever he needs to save her.
I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars because the Martians are a little scary, especially the supervisor. So for this reason, I recommend this movie to kids ages 7 and up.

Mars Needs Moms
Reviewed by Anthony Aranda
(and see his review on video)

Hello everyone. My name is Anthony Aranda from KIDSFIRST! I just got finished watching an excellent movie called Mars Needs Moms. The movie is about a boy named Milo who goes on a big adventure to help save his mom from aliens. The aliens that live on Mars AnthonyAranda.JPGare not very good mothers so they look to Earth to find good mothers to steal.

My favorite characters are Milo, Milo’s mom, and Gribble. I liked Gribble because he helped Milo get his mother back and he helps Milo to see how important his mother truly is. My favorite part of the movie is when Milo has to save his new friend Gribble from the aliens. Gribble gets captured and the aliens are going to shoot him. Milo swings in to save the day and it is awesome.

This movie does have some characters that are bad and try to stop Milo from saving his mom. The aliens in the uniforms are bad because they listen to the Supervisor. The Supervisor controls everyone and wants everyone to do what she says.

I would recommend this movie for ages three and up. I think depending on what age you are is how you will see this movie. For example, my brother is 5 and he didn’t think the movie was scary at all. I am 8 and I found the movie to be a little scary because it made me think about how sad I would be if I lost my own mother. But don’t worry, everything turns out OK in the end! Go out and buy this movie when it comes out on Disney DVD and Blu-ray.

Photos: Mars Needs Moms (top), Ny’Asia Bell (middle), Anthony Aranda (bottom)

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