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Iron Man 3, The Most Intense And Driven Film In The Series So Far!

IronMan3.jpg“Iron Man 3” is the newest edition in this exciting superhero series. Rated PG-13 for intense and somewhat violent scenes, this film proves that a sequel can more than live up to it’s predecessors. Age 15, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Raven D. was extremely impressed with the action and says the “special effects, are outstanding and I absolutely love all of the different suits that Tony has created in this movie.” Equally impressed with the suits and special effects, 12-year-old KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Keefer B. notes “the way they move, attack, fight and look is wonderful” and tells us that the film is funny as well.

Iron Man 3

Reviewed by Keefer B.

See Keefer’s full video review here!

“Iron Man 3” is a blockbuster, serge forward, non-stop action movie with a few surprises, a couple disappointments and wallop of bigger-than-life, special effect-filled screens.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is back, and after fighting with the Avengers, faces a new threat, a terrorist named Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and a new foe Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce).We also see James Rhodes/Iron Patriot ( Don Cheadle) who helps Tony out in his time of crises. Not only is Tony facing the anxiety of keeping Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) safe, but also learns that it’s the man that makes the suit.

I love the special effects in this flick. The suits get better and better. The way they move, attach, fight and look is wonderful. Robert Downey Jr. continues his character development as Tony Stark and I love every minute he’s on screen. Gwyneth Paltrow is fantastic. She’s not just a damsel in distress. She saves Tony two different times and has a likable, lovable personality. The story is very engaging and the dialogue is great. The one thing I don’t like is the intellectual twist. I have mixed feelings about the turn of events in this film. My inner die-hard, comic book-loving side is disappointed, but my film critic side sees it as genius.

My favorite character is Harley (Ty Simpkins), a boy who befriends Tony and helps repair the Iron Man suit. Harley is bright, independent and a little too much like Tony. When you put the two together, you get non-stop laughter.

The moral of the story is: it’s not the suit that makes the man, it’s the man that makes the suit. Tony can’t sleep because he gets nightmares, so he spends all his time at night making more suits to protect himself and Pepper. The truth is, he saves Pepper without the suit.

My favorite scene is the final battle. The action is larger-than-life. The different suits, the way they fight, make you want to cheer. It gets you to the edge of your seat; it’s intense, fast and action-packed .

I recommend this to 11 year-olds and up. Bad language is low and the action not too intense for this age range. They will love the comedy. I give this 5 stars. Even if the twist is a little disappointing, it’s still amazing.

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