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No Matter What You Look Like, You Can Always Be a Hero


Journey down under and meet a whole new breed of hero in "Koala Kid," a laugh-filled, action-packed animated adventure with a rare white koala bear who just wants to fit in. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Canela R likes this movie "because it has a funny story and at the same time, action and suspense is thrown in with lots of twists and turns."

Koala Kid by Canela R

See Canela’s full video review here!

“Koala Kid” is a animated film about a white Koala who doesn’t he think he fits in with his community of gray Koalas and comes to believe that he has special talents which he thinks can prove to everyone that he belongs. He does this by going on a miraculous journey to defeat an evil crocodile named Bog.

The Koala Kid’s name is Johnny and he’s voiced by Rob Schneider. As his journey continues he meets Miranda, a gray Koala (Yvonne Strahvoski), Hamish the Tasmanian Devil (Bret McKenzie) and his Monkey Photographer Lokie (Charlie Bewley). They battle with their wits and through action with Bog the villainous Crocodile (Alan Cumming, the Bad Guy from Spy Kids!) and his chief henchman, Blacktooth the Dingo (Tim Curry).

There is one moment that seems to capture the humor and suspense of this movie perfectly. When Bog the evil Croc is sleeping, the tiny wombats take Snorkles into the pond and capture Bog with a net. When Bog awakes, he shrugs them off of him as if it is nothing. I didn’t want to laugh because the Wombats are so cute, but it is funny.

I really like the animation in this film because it feels as if you’re really in the hot outback with all these fun characters.

The colorfulness adds to the fun I experienced. There is also one song in the movie which continues the colorfulness and had both me AND my mom tapping our feet, “Do You Come From a Land Down Under.” I think I’m still tapping my feet.

I think the message of this movie is no matter what you look like, you can always become a hero.

If you like adventurous cartoons as much as I do, then “Koala Kid” is the movie for you. I recommend this to kids ages six to sixteen because as much as it is a lifelong lesson that you can always use. There are some suspenseful moments that could be scary to the younger ones.

I rate this movie five out of five stars because it’s hilarious and colorful which speaks to the mind of kids and teens.

Koala Kid is available now on DVD.

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