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“Postcard From Buster Goes Global on PBS KIDS”

Guess who has your passport to adventure this fall? Buster Baxter, and he’s back in new special episodes of the hit PBS KIDS GO! series POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER. Buster is globe trotting overseas in international specials that chronicle his adventures in China and Egypt. The half-hour episodes will air Fridays during the regular Arthur timeslot starting on PBS KIDS GO! (check local listings for times).”At a time when it’s more important than ever for kids to develop an understanding of the world around them, we’re thrilled to present our POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER international specials,” said Executive Producer Pierre Valette. “Through his lens, Buster has the invaluable ability to introduce kids to new faces, rich cultures, and the exciting ways that ancient traditions are interwoven into the modern lives of kids around the globe.”On the heels of the 2008 summer Olympics, Buster travels to China in “Buster in Beijing” (premiering November 14, 2008) where he sees that a rapidly modernizing China is merging the new and the old. Buster learns that in the midst of the towering skyscrapers of modern Beijing, the age-old traditions of tai chi, ribbon-dancing, pigeon-racing, and noodle-making continue to thrive. On his adventures, Buster meets Chen Xi, a 9-year old who heads her neighborhood’s recycling initiative – and Yiyi, an 11-year old skating champion who runs a foundation for kids with cancer. From them, Buster learns that being a global citizen means caring for the earth and the people in your community.Lastly, in “Buster’s Egyptian Adventure” (November 21, 2008), Buster discovers (much to his surprise!) that there are more minarets and mosques than mummies and mythology in Egypt today. In addition to exploring the bustling markets of Cairo, discovering the Great Pyramids, and taking a camel ride to the Sphinx, Buster also learns what it’s like to be a Muslim kid in modern Egypt. His adventures continue up the Nile River where Nubian children take him on a Felucca ride to Isis’ temple, invite him to a wedding, and introduce him to their pet crocodile. From the fertile valleys to the desert expanses Egypt is an eye-opening discovery at every turn.POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER pioneers a format that seamlessly blends animation with live-action documentary footage to tell Buster’s stories from around the world. The series also crosses media platforms, taking Buster’s television travels to the Internet. Kids can check out Buster’s personal blog, interactive games, video clips, maps, and original songs at pbskidsgo.org/buster. Additionally, companion books by Marc Brown (published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers), and educational materials support and extend the series into classrooms and libraries nationwide.

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