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Get ready… get set… learn – With Wilbur and Friends

Get ready… get set… learn about Discovery Kids’ preschool destination READY SET LEARN!, arriving for the first time ever on two compilation DVDs February 19th from Genius Products and Discovery Kids. Discovery Kids has uniquely designed all aspects of READY SET LEARN! to promote emotional intelligence: the skills needed for effective learning and an optimistic and resilient approach to life. The stories and characters from the programs in READY SET LEARN! demonstrate important skills regarding practice, persistence and patience, as well as many other skills for managing the frustrations of early childhood. As Paz, our lovable penguin host demonstrates, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” In addition, the READY SET LEARN! programs promote specific learning content that is also invaluable to a child’s development. For example, a program can encourage school readiness skills and creative play. READY SET LEARN! is an outstanding teaching and learning tool for children and their parents or caregivers to enjoy at home, not only on television, but now, for the first time, also on DVD!The READY SET LEARN! DVDs will each feature multiple episodes of the fun, energetic series “PAZ,” “WILBUR” and “THE SAVE-UMS!,” as seen on Discovery Kids Channel and TLC.Each DVD will also feature bonus episodes from other popular READY SET LEARN! series, including “TODDWORLD,” “BIGFOOT PRESENTS METEOR AND THE MIGHTY MONSTER TRUCKS”, and “PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD,” plus “HIP HOP HARRY” and “HI-5” music videos. Packaged with finger-puppets and an activity booklet, each READY SET LEARN! DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.95.SynopsesPAZ:Paz, an adorable five-year-old penguin, delights and engages young viewers as companion and host of READY SET LEARN!, Discovery Kid’s preschool programming destination. Every Paz episode is designed to promote Emotional Intelligence; skills needed for effective learning and an optimistic and resilient approach to life. The pint-sized penguin has a big imagination and looks at the world with the wide-eyed optimism, energy and curiosity that is inherent in preschoolers. Appearing in both animated and puppet form, Paz provides educational and story-based segments inspired by the interesting things that happen in a preschooler’s everyday world. Paz is based on the popular book series by Irish writer Mary Murphy.WILBUR:Books are fun…books are empowering…and according to Wilbur, an enthusiastic young calf, “Books are Moovelous!” With a nostalgic red barn as a backdrop, a loveable crew of barnyard animals, and cutting-edge puppetry techniques, Discovery Kids gets a jump-start on teaching early literacy skills to preschoolers with this captivating series inspired by three moms and designed to inspire a love of books and reading.Read more about Wilbur on Ranny’s blog.THE SAVE-UMS:This new breed of 3-D animated super action heroes will help prepare preschoolers for their role in the 21st century. The colorful, pint-sized Save-Ums utilize whimsical helicopters, space ships and other cool machines to solve problems and nurture an interest in technology and critical thinking. Preschoolers will learn the principles of cause and effect and the impact of cooperative play. The Save-Ums are victorious because they work together. Small is Powerful! Believe it!

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