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20-Year Anniversary on KIDS FIRST!’s Evolving Journey

KF_BestAwards_forwebsite.jpgTwenty years ago, Ranny Levy brought to life a vision of how to make kids and parents aware of quality videos that were available, and promote the value of media literacy with education and outreach. It’s a vision we celebrate daily now at KIDS FIRST! and share with millions around the world. And this past Saturday, we put it in a more festive milieu with a KIDS FIRST! 20th Anniversary Celebration in the organization’s hometown of Santa Fe, N.M.

To a mixed crowd that included some of KIDS FIRST!’s original supporters (who’ve stayed committed over two decades) as well as others who have joined them on the board of directors over the years, three of the inaugural roster of KIDS FIRST! youth film critics (who put their now-seasoned media skills to work interviewing valued attendees at the evening party – stay tuned for their video of that occasion) and the organization’s dedicated staff, KIDS FIRST! unveiled a short video highlighting milestones and accomplishments of its journey so far … 

Sit back for 10 minutes and enjoy this video scrapbook of “KIDS FIRST! Celebrates 20 Years! – An Overnight Success,” from the first corporate sponsor that got on board (John Hendricks of Discovery Communications) to recent Boot Camp directed by filmmaker Janet Davidson, with fun clips of KIDS FIRST! youth film critics interviewing talent at Disney Studios on the honey-colored carpet for the Winnie the Pooh premiere.

Mixing, mingling and making plans for the next 20 years were:
Ranny Levy, founder and president;
Trustees Nancy Kenney and Jane Peacock;
Board members Ed Greene, Ph.D.; Kimbirly Orr; Jere Rae-Mansfield, of Monterey Media; Jay Reinbold, of Warner Bros.; Margaret Tritch; Harold Weitzberg;
Sponsors Eileen Potrock, of Kenn Viselmann Productions; Gay Dillingham, of Earthstone; Geoffrey Selzer, of Luminous Publishing; Hope Atterbury, of Site Awareness; Katie Gladstone, of HDNet Movies; and Terri Lynn Link, of KidVid Entertainment;
Other key supporter Janet Davidson;
KIDS FIRST! youth  film critics Makai Colvin, Sam Connan and Raven Devanney along with their parents, whose dedication was also valuable in making the program so successful; and
KIDS FIRST! staff Ann Church, Sam Levy, Lauren Longworth, RaeAnne Marsh and Michelle Roybal.

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