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Feel-good Family Movie ‘Change of Plans’ now at Walmart

ChangeOfPlans_2.jpgChange of Plans, which made it onto the shelves exclusively at Walmart yesterday, stars “American Idol” darling Brooke White in her acting debut. The film, about a young couple who are suddenly called upon to be foster parents to a friend’s four children left parentless after a tragic accident, was a hit with the military families who attended the special KIDS FIRST! presentation at United States Marine Air Station Miramar earlier this month. The Walmart and Procter & Gamble made-for-TV family movie is both humorous and heartwarming, revealing how fulfilling life can be when you look beyond your own plans and invest in the lives of others. Eight-year-old KIDS FIRST! film critic Anthony Aranda, who reviews the film for us here, also interviewed White about being in the movie.

‘Change of Plans’
Reviewed by Anthony Aranda

I like this movie. It’s really great. In fact, I loved it. The main characters in the movie would be Sally Danville and her husband, Jason. And the kids – don’t forget the kids.

And I know who Sally Danville is – Sally Danville is Brooke White from “American Idol.” Her singing’s really great and she sings inside Change of Plans. The movie is all about Sally, who is a musician, and her husband, who is an Air Force pilot. And they got a call and then they had to take care of four kids.AnthonyAranda.JPG

I recommend this movie for ages seven and up, because there is a bad part in this movie that not much people understand. Go out and see this movie when it premieres.

See Anthony on video reviewing Change of Plans.
See Anthony’s interview with Brooke White.

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