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KIDS FIRST! Kids Shine at the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Premiere

Premiere_1.jpgWith flash bulbs popping and microphones extended to talent whose voices were, perhaps, more recognizable than their faces, the lucky kids at KIDS FIRST! Boot Camp plied their media skills at the pre-camp special event: Walt Disney Studios’ red carpet celebration for the new Winnie the Pooh movie opening this Friday (which gets an all-star rating from KIDS FIRST!).

Reviewing the film at the screening that followed the red carpet appearances were seasoned KIDS FIRST! film critics Anthony Aranda (eight years old), Makai Colvin (nine years old) and Raven Devanney (13 years old). Be sure to check out their reviews.

ChristopherRobinsRoom.jpgWith the live set of Christopher Robin’s room (pictured here) in the background, Boot Camp-ers mingled with co-director Stephen Anderson and many of the actors whose voices give life to the beloved characters – Tom Kenny (Rabbit), Craig Ferguson (Owl) Jim Cummings (dual role of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger) — and some of the often unsung talent of the wonderful animation, like Andreas Deja, supervising animator of Tigger. TomKenny_AnthonyAranda.jpg

Then, taking with them all the behind-the-scenes insights from these conversations, Boot Camp-ers headed to Disney’s theater — and all the excitement culminated with the premiere of the movie itself.CraigFerguson_RavenDevanney.jpg

Photos (top to bottom): Winnie the Pooh movie premiere at Walt Disney Studios, live set of Christopher Robin’s room, Anthony Aranda interviewing Tom Kenny (voice of Rabbit), Raven Devanney interviewing Craig Ferguson (voice of Owl)

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