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‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ Available to Come Home

ET_Blu_ray.jpgMany people who attended the 1982 Cannes Film Festival remember E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as an overwhelming force that so captured everyone’s heart and interest that “phone home” was the catch-phrase along the Croisette. The darling of that prestigious film fest that year, E.T. (one of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Search Competition Official Titles, now out on DVD and Blu-ray) has stood the test of time and eqully delights a new generation, as our youth film critics’ reviews attest: “This quirky family classic is a favorite of mine,” says Blake Hawes, age 15. Julianna Noone, age 12, rates it “six out of five stars because it’s absolutely amazing, entertaining and enjoyable.” “This is the best sci-fi film” says Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8. “Steven Spielberg, even in the 1980s, went above and beyond to create something new,” says Victoria Burns, age 14, comparing the film’s special effects favorably to what has evolved now, 30 years later.

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
Reviewed by Blake Hawes
(See his full review on video.)

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is an instant classic. It is one of Steven Spielberg’s best movies: an adventure about a young boy named Elliott and his new alien friend E.T. trying to get E.T. back to his planet. It is a heartwarming journey full of memorable scenes and incredible lighting and photography.

This quirky family classic is a favorite of mine and is a part of my childhood. E.T. has some of the most amazing music I have ever heard in film. “Heartlight” by Neil Diamond is the main theme of this movie, and a good one at that.

The storyline and character development are extremely well done. By the end of the film, you have an emotional attachment to the majority of the characters. The scene where Elliott and E.T. are riding bikes and then suddenly start to float into the air over a silhouette of the moon is fantastic photography at its finest.

Overall, I give the movie five out of five stars. I find this movie suitable for all ages.

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
Reviewed by Julianna Noone
(See her full review on video.)

If you love films about aliens, then this classic film is for you. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film is as good today as it was when it was released 30 years ago. Also, this film has a star-studded cast, including Dee Wallace as Mary, Peter Coyote as Keys, and an adorable drew Barrymore as Gertie.

Follow along as Elliott, played by Henry Thomas, finds a lost alien that he names E.T. Can Elliott help E.T. find his way home? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

My favorite character is E.T. because E.T. is just the most adorable thing ever. He’s just so cute and so funny.

Also, my favorite scene is when Elliott realizes that his plant is coming back to life and he’s, like, “Oh, my gosh, E.T. could be alive again.” And so he goes over to the coffin, opens it, and he’s, like, “Oh, E.T.” and E.T. goes, “Home phone, phone home” and he just starts yelling “home” and “phone.” It’s absolutely hilarious. Elliott has to go running and get a blanket and wrap it around his head so no one will know E.T. is alive. He’s so happy after that. So, I love that scene.

The cinematography and special effects in this film are absolutely amazing. I am so impressed with how they made E.T. look so cute and so real. Also, the music adds such great effect to this movie. I think it is great; they did a great job.

I think that this film is for people of all ages because it’s such a great film and it’s a classic. I think everyone is going to enjoy this. It’s very entertaining.

Also, I think that this film is rated six out of five stars because it’s absolutely amazing, entertaining and enjoyable. I love it.

Look for this film out on DVD and Blu-ray everywhere near you.

And remember, wherever you are in the world, you can always “phone home.”

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
Reviewed by Victoria Burns
(See her full review on video.)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a family movie that moves you to tears. Steven Spielberg, even in the 1980s, went above and beyond to create something new.

E.T. is accidentally left on Earth, and flees to avoid being captured. By chance, he meets, Elliott, portrayed by Henry Thomas. They form an extraordinary bond that boggles many minds.

E.T. is found and captured by an unknown government agency. But he still continues to try to “phone home.”

And the rest, you’ll have to see for yourself.

I give this movie five out of five stars and I recommend it for ages 7 to 70 because of its heartfelt bond between man and alien.

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
Reviewed by Cheyenne
(See her full review on video.)

This is the best sci-fi film, directed by Steven Spielberg. This movie is about a boy named Elliott who meets an alien named E.T. Elliot’s little sister, named Gertie, is too young to understand why E.T. is on planet Earth. Elliott and Gertie have to go through a lot of twists and turns because they have to keep E.T. a secret.

The best scene in this movie is when Elliott and E.T. are touching fingers. It’s such a touching and magical moment.

The message in this movie is Elliott and E.T. are so connected that they do not have any barriers.

My favorite character in this movie is E.T. because he’s so magical, loving and caring.

I give this movie five out of five stars. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I give this age range 3 and up because some little kids might always say, “E.T. phone home.”

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