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“After Earth” Is An Action-Packed Look At Post-Apocolyptic Earth

AfterEarth.jpg“After Earth” is a glimpse of post-apocalyptic earth, showing us what it might look like years after humans no longer live on our blue planet. Will and Jaden Smith bring their own brand of humor to this dramatic story of father and son working together to save mankind. Including a genre for almost every movie-goer, this PG-13 movie provides us with drama, “adventure, comedy and Sci-fi all in one!” Gerry O., 11-year-old KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, warns us that this film may be a bit intense for younger viewers, but claims, “if you like adventure and action you will adore this movie!”

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“After Earth”

Reviewed by Gerry O.

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“After Earth” is a combination of adventure, comedy and Sci-fi all in one! If you love adventures, you would love this movie. It begins one thousand years after humans are forced to leave Earth because they destroyed it. They reach a new planet. Humans think they are safe until they find an alien species that are putting humans in danger. General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) has to find a way to defeat the aliens. The General’s son, Kitia Raige, (Jaden Smith) goes on a trip with his father and the ship crash-lands on Earth! Cypher’s legs are broken and Kitia has to go far away to retrieve an emergency beacon! Can he do it? Would they be able to survive in this dangerous environment?

I loved “After Earth!” This film is a mixture of everything! It shows what can possibly happen to humans. I personally adore Will and Jaden Smith. Any movie where they are together makes it a fantastic and funny movie. What makes the movie better is that they play father and son, when in real life they are just that! Father and son.

Also interesting is how many birds, animals and whales were in the movie, clearly showing what our planet would be like without human interference.

There are a few scenes with Cypher and his wife, Faia (Sophie Okoneda) where they have a very cute and adorable conversations showing General’s soft side. My favorite character is Kitia. He is scared and frightened a lot. He is alone at a young age, on unfamiliar Earth, one thousand years after humans left. It would be scary! Kitia grows quickly and learns many things on this hunt for the beacon.

My favorite scene is when Kitia does not listen when his father orders him to come back, and instead jumps off a very tall cliff and tries to make it to the beacon without proper gear. He is chased and caught by a giant eagle that decides to adopt Kitia, and even helps him along the way. Kitia’s camera, that Cypher is using to see what’s going on, is destroyed and he must continue his journey without his father’s guidance.

I recommend “After Earth” to ages twelve and up. This movie is very graphic and may be a bit too intense for younger kids. If you like adventure and action you will adore this movie! I give “After Earth” five out of five starts because it was so great in many ways. This movie comes out in theaters everywhere May 31, 2013.

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