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Mibblio Makes Music Loving Kiddos Happy


If you want your child to think you are the hippest parent around, you’d better jump on the app bandwagon now! Apps are available for all kinds of mobile devices and will keep the kiddos entertained when you are busy, or give you something fun to play along with them.

“Mibblio” is an app just for your iPad or iPad Mini. Perfect for the music lover in everyone, and sure to hold any pre-schoolers interest. Interactive and full of options, KIDS FIRST! Critic Canela Roey says, “For me, making the music is fun but some of the songs also demand me to dance!” and especially likes that you can add your own music and change it.

“Mibblio” (app for iPad and iPad Mini)

Reviewed by Canela Roey

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I like making music and I like watching funny videos. Now with Mibblio, I can do both of those at the same time.

“Mibblio” is an app for the iPad and iPad Mini where you take a story with existing music and you get to add your own musical taste to it. When a song is played, pictures move along with the music telling a story; simultaneously, you create your own musical experience by adding and removing instruments. You can either take away one existing musical sound or all of them. You can also add your own music at the same time. When it’s your own music, you have a keyboard and a choice of eight different instruments from wood, wind and string. Along the side of the screen you can also add 6 different string instruments as well as 10 percussion sounds. The possibilities of musical fun are endless.

The App is free and comes with one song to get started. There are eight other songs to choose from which cost $1.99 each. Fortunately, the free song is playful and catchy and a great way to throw yourself into the game. But there’s such a range of great songs with the other eight, you’d be cheating yourself for not at least trying just one more (or two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight.) One of the most fun songs for me was “On Top Of Spaghetti.” It was a song I knew and the pictures and music were funny, but also it was very inviting for me to join in and make it my own. “Wheels On The Bus” was a fun choice as well because you have a kiddie standard which you can dissect and reassemble into an entirely new experience.

For me, making the music is fun but some of the songs also demand me to dance! That’s a plus. The open-endedness really lets me be in control, which I like. It’s pretty simple to catch onto but if you’re younger than 7, you’ll probably need a grown up to show you the ropes.

The idea is very creative. The drawings are sweet and endearing and each song has its own look and feel. For example, one song, “Millie And Her Curly, Whirling Hair”, was sort of sad and the pictures were black and white, which complimented the emotion.

This is something I wish I had when I was younger! I’d recommend this app to ages 4 to 7. While I liked it, I think the kiddie song choices and unlimited creativity is perfect for the younger ones as I found myself getting a little tired of it after ten minutes or so. However, I could definitely see a younger child having loads of fun playing this game! My seven-year-old sister loves this app. She said, “I love music and that’s what I like to do!” So for younger kids, I give Mibblio five out of five stars.

The “Mibblio” app is available for the iPad and iPad Mini for free from the iTunes Store. I strongly recommend you get this app as your youngster will fall in love with it.

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