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Only the Brave – Incredible Practical Effects and Character Development

Through hope, determination, sacrifice and the drive to protect families and communities, the Granite Mountain Hotshots become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the country. While most people run from danger, they run toward it — watching over lives, homes and everything people hold dear, forging a unique brotherhood that comes into focus with one fateful fire in Yarnell, Ariz. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Abraham F., comments, “Only the Brave is a breathtaking film about 20 firefighters who lost their lives to the Yarnell mountain fire on June 30, 2013 bringing a whole new meaning to the term “a good movie.” The character development and practical effects are stunning.” See his full review below.

Only the Brave
By Abraham F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

The film takes time setting up each of the characters, making them feel very well developed. The use of practical effects makes the movie seem more real, because real fire is used instead of CGI for the fire. The characters also act like true heroes and seem very real.

The storyline is about a group of firefighters who want to become ‘hotshots,’ which are the elite group of firefighters that work in the fire itself. When it comes time to assess them, their Chief doesn’t agree with the assessor’s opinion on not burning the wood and takes his own path which risks having their certification taken away. But the chief thinks it’s better to do it that way so they burn the logs, making the correct choice in the situation and, as a result, they get their certification. After that, they go into many dangerous wildfires to protect nature and homes. One day when the Yarnell Mountain fire comes on June 30, 2013, they are especially challenged.

Josh Brolin portrays Eric Marsh the fire chief. He has proved his skill in many movies including Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and as Beck Weathers in Everest. Miles Teller, the actor for Brendan Mcdonough, the protagonist, has been in Footloose and The Divergent series which were both huge hits.

One interesting thing about this film is its timing. I live in Northern California where huge fires in the North Bay have left many people homeless and injured. Another interesting thing is that Only the Brave is one of the movies in the 21st century with the most practical effects.

The message is to get awareness for the firefighter community, which it got 100% loud and clear. Kids will be influenced to save people’s lives. There isn’t much reckless behavior except when someone falls asleep while driving. I recommend this for ages 12 to 18 who will understand the shear force of the message of this film, although I think it was intended more for an adult audience. This movie is fantastic and I am happy to give it 5 out of 5 stars. This movie hits theaters on October 20, 2017 so go check it out.





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