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Cassie Scerbo Talks About “Soccer Mom”

Soccer Mom releases on DVD on September 30, and audiences are in for a treat! In this film, Becca (Emily Osment) loves to play soccer but is stuck on a team that can’t seem to win. When her team needs a new coach, her mom (Missi Pyle) decides to masquerade as the famous Italian soccer star ‘Lorenzo Vincenzo’ and take the job. Hilarity ensues as Wendy must keep up her charade and not let her daughter find out who their coach really is! Can she lead Becca’s team to the regional finals before her increasingly crazy double life comes totally unglued?  Kids and parents alike will love this heartwarming family comedy about mothers, daughters and the unexpected goals that bring them together.Cassie Scerbo plays the role of opposing player, Tiffany, in this fun-filled movie. Tiffany is a beautiful, rich girl who does everything she can to make Becca’s life miserable. Scerbo demonstrates her superb acting skills as she plays this part, because she  is a sweetheart in real life! Here’s her take on the film:CP: How did you react when you found out you got the role as Tiffany and what do you think about her character?CS: I was so excited. I had played a role similar in “Bring it On.” In this part I get to be the soccer-tomboy I really am. I’ve been playing soccer for nine years. One of the best parts of this film was just being on soccer field.CP: From dancer to actress, you have performed in many different roles. What did you find challenging about this particular role?CS: Being mean. Emily was such a sweet girl. Acting tips helped me step out of the box. I’m a big fan of Emily.CP: “Soccer Mom” is a very unique film in the way it addresses stereotypes and the premise of “Bleachers” seems to address this issue, also. What are you learning through your experiences in acting in these types of film?CS: Maybe it’s a new trend. Movies like this bring kids together, which is great. Breaking stereotypes is a good lesson for girls our age. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.CP: Please give me an anecdote about something funny or surprising that happened while you were on set for “Soccer Mom.”CS: I’m such a dare devil and decided to do all my own stunts like in “Bring it On”… so there was this one stunt where Sierra and I had to bang into each other on the fields, and I refused to not do it!  So even in the practice runs I kept going full out and banging into her then falling on the field and my knees were all cut and bloody but I still refused to not do it on my own and everyone was laughing .. including myself!CP: If you could get any message about “Soccer Mom” out to viewers, what would it be?CS: I think that “Soccer Mom” is a great movie for all ages. It brings something for everyone..its a fun film, great comedy, awesome talent and something people can watch with their whole family or any friend. It’s just great for everyone!CP: Where do you see your future going in the entertainment industry?CS: I can see my future going any and everywhere. I want to get my hands on everything and never stop exploring every inch of the industry. Acting is my passion, its almost spiritual to me. I love the feeling when I’m in character or on a stage. Considering that I’m also a singer/dancer..performing and changing people’s lives is what I want to do forever! 🙂

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