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Elmo Is Too Happy for Grouchland

ElmoInGrouchland.jpgThe Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, a 1999 film nominated in 2000 for the Young Artist Award’s Best Family Feature Film – Animation, is a Sesame Street mix of puppets and people. It would be fun viewing for toddlers and early elementary-school-aged kids, says 10-year-old KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Makai Weber Colvin. Another of the many classics brought to your home by HDNet Movies kidScene, a morning and Friday night programming block specifically for kids and families, it will run Jan. 23 through Feb. 27.

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The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Reviewed by Makai Weber Colvin

(See her full review on video.)

I’m reviewing the movie The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. This movie is about Elmo and all of his friends from Sesame Street. Elmo has a very beloved blanket that he loves so much, but when the blanket gets lost and goes down the portal to Grouchland in Oscar’s trashcan home, Elmo has to get it back.

Trying to get the blanket back, Elmo falls down the portal into Grouchland. And he can’t find his blanket in Grouchland. Everybody’s grouchy in Grouchland, as you can guess. But he doesn’t really know how to act grouchy because Elmo’s always happy.

Elmo has to get his blanket back, so he has to get to the evil master who stole his blanket. The evil master does not want to give the blanket back but Elmo thinks he can get it back. He goes through amazing adventures through the woods and finds giant chickens and even goes through the Garbage Queen’s kingdom.

This movie has so many amazing adventures in it, you’d like to watch it. The music is very upbeat and joyful. Almost every scene has a song in it, and Elmo or one of the characters sings it. It’s very joyful, but also kind of grouchy since they’re in Grouchland.

My favorite character in this movie would probably have to be Elmo’s friend from Sesame Street, most likely Big Bird, because Big Bird says that they have to go save Elmo when they can’t find him. They don’t really know he’s in Grouchland until Oscar tells them he’s in Grouchland. They all go off on a mission to go find Elmo. MakaiColvin_180x250.jpg

This movie is not for older kids, and it might have been a little bit too young for me. I suggest this movie for two and up. Teens and ten-year-olds and nine-year-olds probably won’t be the most interested in it because it’s kind of a younger kid’s movie. But if you’re younger, I’ll bet you’ll love it. I give this movie three out of five stars.

Photos: The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland poster (top), Makai Weber Colvin (bottom)

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